The All NFC North Team

Not the most talented division in football, but easily my favorite one to follow. I'll write comments under positional races that are close.


QB: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

FB: Jason McKie, Chicago Bears

Don't know much about McKie, but if he's helped Matt Forte to such a good rookie year, he must be pretty good.

RB: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

LT: Bryant McKinnie, Minnesota Vikings

Chad Clifton hasn't run blocked well enough, or for that matter pass blocked well enough against elite rusher to be called the best Left Tackle in the NFC North.

LG: Steve Hutchinson, Minnesota Vikings

C: Olin Kreutz, Chicago Bears

Scott Wells isn't that far off from Olin Kreutz.

RG: Roberto Garza, Chicago Bears

I'll confess my ignorance. I probably should study up on my Black and Blue right guards.

RT: Mark Tauscher, Green Bay Packers

Because no one else has stepped up.

TE: Desmond Clark, Chicago Bears

Would have better stats if half those passes weren't going to former Orioles closer Greg Olsen.

WR: Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers

WR: Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions


DE's: Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings, and Aaron Kampman, Green Bay Packers

Allen is the better rusher, Kampman's more complete. Alex Brown, Chicago Bears, isn't that far off.  In a preview of things to come, Cullen Jenkins could have gotten a spot here had he stayed healthy, because he was playing almost as well as his brother.

DT's: Kevin Williams, Minnesota Vikings and Pat Williams, Minnesota Vikings

Tommie Harris, Chicago Bears, is utterly disappointing. 

WLB: Lance Briggs, Chicago Bears

MLB: Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears

I hate doing this. This is BS, but I had no choice. EJ Henderson was far and away playing the best football, but he's out for the year. Nick Barnett was dissapointing like Urlacher and now he's out for the year. Paris Lenon isn't that bad, but he's still a Lion. I can't give it to AJ Hawk for just one game, can I?

SLB: Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings

For how he played against the Packers and Buccaneers the last two weeks. Brandon Chillar would have gotten more consideration had he started more so far this year.

CB's: Charles Woodson, Green Bay Packers and Antoine Winfield, Minnesota Vikings 

Al Harris has been absolutely lockdown, since coming back from the spleen injury but Winfield's been great this year.

FS: Nick Collins, Green Bay Packers

SS: Darren Sharper, Minnesota Vikings

Special Teams

P: Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings

K: Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers

PR: Will Blackmon, Green Bay Packers

What can I say, Devin Hester? Blackmon's just been better. I can't just automatically hand it to you.

KR: Devin Hester, Chicago Bears

Actually, I can just hand it to you.

Final Numbers

Packers: 8

Bears: 7

Vikings: 10

Lions; 1

Needless to say, Packers and Bears fans love Brad Childress.



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