My Thoughts on Favre and the Packers not an expert on the NFL, but I'm gonna say what I think about the whole situation surrounding Brett Favre. Personally, if he had done this comeback at the end of March like he almost did, I would have embraced his return. But now it's mid-July, and the Packers have made the changes necessary for the young Aaron Rodgers to finally assume the role as Packers' quarterback.

It is now that Favre decides that he wants to come back. The Packers basically say that they've committed to Rodgers, but he could come back as a backup. Favre wants a release, and when the Packers don't grant it, Favre gets pissed. The Packers are saying they are trying to look out for Favre's legacy, which Favre says is "a bunch of bull."

Personally I think this comeback in the middle of July by you is a bunch of bull. You expect everyone in the Packers management to bend over and let you have your way. Personally, I think you are tarnishing your legacy with this move to even come back after that show you gave us in March, and the hissy-fit you're throwing now. And if you go to another team, that will only make it worse.

I really don't see why any team would want Favre anyway. The guy is going to turn 39 this October, why would you want to get basically one year from the guy when you could get a younger QB and have a chance to win the Super Bowl a few times the next few years, not just this year. With that said I'm not sure if Favre is capable of winning the Super Bowl on another team.

Favre had a fantastic season last year, yes, but that was with recievers such as Donald Driver whose strengths and weaknesses he knew better than anyone, and he was able to use them to drive down the field. Now you take Favre and put him on a completely different team with players who have never played with him. What if the chemistry isn't there and your team goes 5-11 for the year? Then does taking the 39 year old QB who just couldn't stop playing look like a good decision?

Whatever, as far as I'm concerned Brett can come back, just not on the Packers. As a cheesehead I'm ready for a new era, one that doesn't circle around one player's possible retirement for thre months. I belive in Aaron Rodgers, I think he can lead this team to a win in the Super Bowl in the coming seasons. This kid was great in college play, leading the California Golden Bears to an upset win over a then #3 ranked USC in just his second career start.

The next year he broke several school records, and his team suffered only one loss to #1 ranked USC, 23-17, before making it to the Holiday Bowl, losing to Texas University. It was 2005 and he enrolled in the NFL Draft, being picked up by the Packers in the first round. He spent the next three seasons watching Favre lead the Packers. His only playing time was when Favre was injured or the Packers were dominating.

Last year he came in and played most of the game against the Dallas Cowboys after Favre left the game with a shoulder injury. He completed 18 of 26 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown, losing the game 37-27. These numbers are pretty good, especially considering he was playing against the Cowboys, which was thought to be the best team in the NFC. I think this year he will have even better numbers than this against some of the weaker teams of the NFC, but will still be able to pick his way down the field against tough opponents like Dallas.

And if we struggle this season I'm not going to question whether or not Favre should have come back, because in the long haul Rodgers is the right decision. I wouldn't put it past him to lead the Packers to the playoffs again this year. Once your there, heck, who knows maybe they could win the whole thing.

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