A Fun Anecdote with Football Implications!

For reasons too boring to list here, I am currently living in a hotel.  It's not a seedy, run-down, shoddy, $49/night Motel 6-type hotel, but a hotel nonetheless.  It comes with some nice perks I wouldn't have otherwise, like an indoor pool, a gym, and linen service.  One of the perks I don't have, though, is a working kitchen.

Because I have no way to procure foodstuffs for myself, I have to find other ways to eat.  Sunday night's cuisine of choice is delivery pizza.  Saturday night also included pizza brought to my doorstep (kind of), from a great little place called Bella Roma's. 

Bella Roma's pizza was delicious, so I decided to order from there again for the game tonight.  So I called them up.  And got no answer.  Assuming I dialed wrong, I tried again.  No answer.  Third time's the charm, they say.  They're wrong.

I gave up and tried a few other places listed on the hotel-provided map of the area.  NOBODY answered their phones.  Is it normal for pizza places to just refuse phone calls on a Sunday night?  I will never know.

After much lamenting and gnashing of teeth, I decided to suck it up and order from Dominos.  Dominos is perhaps the worst pizza on the face of God's green earth, but at least they answer the phone.  They delivered about fifteen minutes before kickoff, providing me with football-watching fuel.

What does this have to do with football?  Not much, unless you consider the alternative.  I could have stuck to my guns and refused to call anyone else other than Bella Roma's.  I could have been afraid of change, afraid of trying something different, even if it will work just as well.  But I thankfully got over it, even if the pizza tastes like it was cooked with Brian Fantana's Sex Panther.  I've got to tell you, it smells like pure gasoline.

Just like the NFL.  Not the 'Anchorman' reference, but the willingness to change.  The pass not working?  Work them over with the run game.  Lanes in the middle of the field blocked?  Attack the edges.  Man coverage breaking down?  Shift to a zone.

You see, the NFL is so advanced that if you're afraid to change what you're doing, you're liable to get left behind.  Look at the Raiders.  Al Davis insists on using a run-heavy vertical passing-oriented offense.  It doesn't work.  But has he changed his strategy?  He should've changed it as soon as it soiled, much like one of his Depens. 

Green Bay made a huge change by committing to Aaron Rodgers.  But it's working out, so far.  Sure, he might not taste as good as Brett Favre, but at least we won't starve.

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