Favre and the Legacy

I apologize for the late post, both to the blog and the time, but I have a very simple thing to say, in principle.


This upcoming weekend is the Packers bye week, something I just assume everyone will know, but I would like to reflect on this past week for a moment.


I loved Brett Favre as a Packer. He led us to 2 Super Bowls and 3 MVP awards. We all cheered when he gave us hope in the early 90's, almost getting to the big game. We snarled when those terrible Cowboys always seemed to have our number in the postseason. We hated playing at Texas Stadium, we hated watching those games, we hated watching Reggie White on the sidelines, desperate to change the outcome of games we knew were beyond our reach. We hated watching our coordinators getting injured on legitimate plays, too old to jump out of the way.

And we loved when we finally made it to the big game. We won the Super Bowl. Favre won 3 MVP's and got us to 2 Super Bowls. We gave veterans like Eugene Robinson, Reggie White, and even players like Leroy Butler, Frank Winters, Dorsey Levens, and Santana Dotson a chance to shine.

And they did. It was fantastic to get them a Super Bowl. We were lucky.

More after 'The Jump"

I've hated Favre since the moment he signed with the Vikings. Not only did the signing seem like a deliberate attempt to disown his former team, and more importantly, the fans, he's actually doing well in his assigned role. He's handing off to 'AD' when necessary, and he's making the throws he needs to. This is experience that comes with being a veteran in the NFL. 

I have no problem with hating Favre for what he is now, I just have a problem with the constant debate.

I hold nothing against Favre for signing with a different team. Aaron Rodgers is a fantastic QB, and keeping him and molding him into our 'Franchise Face' of the future is amazing. We are one of the lucky franchises who has been able to replace a legend, and continued on the path to a better team. We have issues on the line, truth be told, but even with that Rodgers has already proven he's ready to be a franchise QB in the league, with or without an offensive line.

I think we all need to come to grips with the fact that Favre might not be the idol we all held him to be through either our childhood, or the brief glimpse of Packer glory we had in the mid 90s. Not only is Favre past his prime and simply fitting into a scheme that fits him for the here and now, we have a quarterback who can take us to the glory days we remember. Even in the early 90s, it took us an unlikely free agent signing or two, lucky draft picks, and fortunate outcomes to make it to the Superbowl.

Favre is a great QB, one of the best ever, but we have something here that could even surpass that. Rodgers has already proven he's more than a competent leader, playmaker, and strategist. The Super Bowl is a lucky gambit, through injuries, schedule, playmaking, signings, and almost least of all- actual potential being fufilled.

Favre and Rodgers are both great quarterbacks, fitting into the systems they are best fit for at this point in their careers. Favre will be around for one more year at most, Rodgers will be around for many more, and who knows what will happen. For all we know, both could be injured for the rest of their careers in the upcoming weeks because that is the type of 'game' football is.

I'm simply writing this to remind everyone that this is a game. We can debate and pinpoint exact facts all we want, but in reality, everything comes down to one play, and that is why we love the NFL. Does Tom Brady get injured for the season and kill the Pats season? Does Larry Johnson suddenly turn into a complete dud? Does Al Davis decide he never wants a coach for more than one year?

We love sports, We love the NFL. Let's keep things away from the Favre-Rodgers debate and focus on things that, for the only aspect of our lives, on the here and now. As for me, I'll cheer my heart out for the Packers every week, and not concern myself with things like post touchdown cheers and ESPN analysis. A game is a game, no matter how you spin it. Let's hope one day soon we'll make it to the big game.

Let's enjoy the rest of the season, any record from 14-2 to 2-14. And GO PACKERS!

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