An Important APC Announcement

To the commenting community of Acme Packing Company,

This week has been one of the most intriguing time periods in the history of the site.  As online media continues to grow and the role of reader participation helps shape where it's going, we've seen the most interaction and discussion in the history of APC.  Needless to say, this is a good thing.  APC and the rest of the SB Nation family of sites takes great pride in the ability for readers to add their opinions and insight to the user-generated posts.  APC has had an unprecedented spike in both hits and commentary, and we have you to thank for that.

Unfortunately, whenever you have an explosion of growth from the commentariat, there's one ill-fated side effect.

Flame wars.

I have seen the threads on the stories from the past week.  I have read each and every single comment made on Brandon's and my articles.  About 90% of the time, I'm pleased that we have such a lively and insightful bunch patrolling the posts.  But I've been growing more and more troubled about the minority that use the comments section as an arena to hold their petty arguments, shouting matches, and pissing contests.

I refuse to name any specific individuals here, and nobody else should point fingers here either.  But it needs to end now.

Brandon and I have been lenient this week because of the emotional baggage that comes with this week's newsworthy matchup.  People need to vent their frustrations somewhere, and this is a good forum for it.  But when the frustration turns away from football and towards each other, we have gone astray.

Because this is a community, everyone shares an equal part of the blame for this turn of events.  People come here to read Packer news, analysis, and opinions, and that's exactly what they should get.  If you cannot or will not contribute to that goal, or at least refrain from blocking it, then we have a problem.  Brandon and I do not want to spend our time patrolling the comments section for trolls and fire-starters.  But if you cannot police yourselves, then we need to do it for you.

That said, consider this an official warning to everybody on APC.  I do not care if you've been here since the beginning or you signed up yesterday.  We all have equal standing on this site, and everybody will be held accountable.  If you cannot conduct yourselves in a civil manner, we will have to take action.  Consider this a blanket declaration of probation for any and all APC members.

Stop the flame wars, now.

No action has been taken yet, and Brandon and I would very much like to avoid taking any action whatsoever.  But if the flame wars continue, we will take the necessary steps to end them.

For those of you who feel that this is a form of unwarranted censorship, I kindly ask you to cram it.  Flame wars can ruin sites if they get out of hand, and I will not stand idly by and let this wonderful community be undermined by a few people's petty arguments.  If you feel this new policy is problematic, please contact me via e-mail with your concerns.

We all have a responsibility to keep ourselives in line.  Nobody is above accountability, myself included.  Let's cut the crap, ladies and gentlemen.  I grow weary of it.



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