What to make of this team

I'm sure most of you have read what Cullen Jenkins had to say after Sunday's game in which the defense gave up four passing touchdowns to Brett Favre and the Vikings. And I'm sure some of you have also read what NFC North Blogger Kevin Seifert makes of the situation. This defense is in trouble, right? Just look at the three games played against legit NFL Offenses, doesn't look that much different than last year, does it? Maybe we're just kidding ourselves that this can be a playoff team, specifically one that can hold a good NFL offense in check. Maybe this defense just isn't going to get it done. 

Geez, but then look at the rankings. Our defense is in the top ten in both scoring and total defense. And so what if we only shut out Detroit. I mean Pittsburgh gave up twenty points to Detroit.

But now of all times, is when we could actually stand to listen to some advice of two brothers from Minnesota of all places. For those of you who saw the Coen Brothers' newest movie 'A Serious Man', perhaps you remember this quote on the screen just as the film started.

"Receive with simplicity everything that happens to you."


The problem with the Packer's season so far, is that we haven't really faced much league average competition. Of course thats bound to happen when league average teams are at such a premium at the moment. In the three wins against the cellar dwellers, the defense performed at or above expectations. In the three losses against what looks to be very good teams, the defense performed at or below expectations. There's really been so little to go on to formulate expectations for the rest of the year, not only for the defense but for the entire team, and thats what has been most frustrating for me so far this season.

I mean, I have as good a grasp on this team as I did opening day, which in short means not much. 

I think because of this, this season, more than any other I've followed, I've been particularly antsy between games and that really gets frustrating. I've tried to teach myself not to put too much stock into the previous week's game in assessing our chances for the rest of the season, but due to the bipolar competitive nature of our opponents this year, even thats become hard. I almost want the Packers and the defense to have a statement game one way or the other just so I can get a grasp.

We don't know, we just don't know how good this defense or team can be. Seeing as the Coen Brothers' 'A Serious Man' is a 1960's retelling of the story of Job, all of us Packer fans could sure exhibit some patience, including myself. 

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