2009 Draft Results and the 2009-10 Season

I want to start off this topic talking about our incoming draft class.

Pick #9 B.J. Raji- This is exactly the pick we needed. He provides more depth for us on the D-Line and will probably be a starter. He is about 6'1" 335 lb. with a fairly low center of gravity and is strong as an ox putting up 33 reps at the combine. But enough numbers, I went on youtube and watched some off this guys highlights, and was amazed. He does it all, rush the passer and stuff the run. He gets through the line every single time, and I know they are just highlights and it is college ball but go and watch for yourself I mean he makes it look like it's easy.

Pick #26 Clay Matthews III- I think this was another great pick by TT. He gave up a lot to get this pick but I really think it's going to be worth it in the end. He was a late bloomer starting his career at USC at 166 lbs. and now being 245 lbs. He is a very hard worker and a great athlete. He has a good combination of speed and strength coming off the edge. A lot of people still feel he hasn't reached anywhere near his full potential, so this guy could be really special.

Pick # 109 T.J. Lang- The first OT/OG we took in the draft. I include OG in there because  I have seen some sites that seem to think that's where he'll be best suited in the NFL. A good value pick, as many scouts had him going somewhere in the late 2nd-3rd round.

Pick # 145 Quinn Johnson- I personally thought this pick was a bad one but i have come to be ok with it. He is a FB out of LSU, who is supposedly an excellent run and pass blocker. We have 2 solid FB's now but who knows if this guy could be another William Henderson.

Pick # 162 Jamon Meredith- The second OT we took in the 09 draft. I personally think this was our 3rd best pick and possibly our 2nd best. He was rated by many the 5th or 6th best OT in the draft and was projected to go somewhere in the 2nd round, and we got him in the 5th!! The reason I heard he dropped was because of his desire to play, but I don't think TT would have drafted him had that been a real concern. Should be able to come in and contribute right away.

Pick # 182 Jarius Wynn- He is a DE out of Georgia. He is undersized to play the DE in a 3-4 now but supposedly has the right frame to put on 15-20 lbs. Had a great couple last games at Georgia and scouts are wondering if he'll be able to keep that up.

Pick # 187 Brandon Underwood- A CB out of Cincinatti with good size (6' 1'' 200 lbs.) and speed (4.39 40). Played CB and S his senior year to fill in for injuries. Earned all big east honors at S and could develop into a good player.

Pick # 218 Brad Jones- A OLB out of Colorado who has experience in the 3-4. This is a guy who TT really likes. He has a lot of versatility and like Matthews is a great athlete.

TT went with a defensive draft class and it's exactly what we needed. Raji is going to help the run d right away and Matthews is going to bring a much needed pass rush. I think we now have all the parts in the 3-4 we need. Raji and Pickett can rotate at NT. Jenkins at LE and Harrell, Jolly at RE. Matthews at LOLB, Kampman at ROLB, and Barnett and Hawk in the middle, with Chillar, Poppinga, and Jones providing depth. Though were transitioning into a new sysytem I still think our D will be a lot better than last year.

Even our offense should be improved, and it was already one of the best last year. I know some people are hesistant towards Rodgers b/c of their love towards Favre but even they can't deny his talent. He was one of the better QB's in the league last year and he is only going to improve. I think Grant is a good RB. Many people blame him for the run game but it really wasn't his fault. He was having to make someone miss in the backfield almost everytime he touched it b/c of how poor our O-line performed. With Clifton and Wells back healthy, plus our two OT/OG's we added this year I think we should be much improved.

I don't feel there is any reason that we shouldn't win our divsion, and be Super Bowl contenders next year.

P.S.- Sorry this post is so long, I'm just a die hard fan, and am so excited about next year. Please share your thoughts about either our draft or next season. GO PACK GO!

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