At 3-3 what have we learned about our Packers?

      In my opinoin i think we have learned a few things that look to be dishearting trends....But the one thats the scariest is that A-Rod cant win an overtime game for his life...he is either fumbling (Arizona/wild card game), throwing an interception (Washington), or steping up in the pocket to get sacked (Miami)...I agree that a couple of those instances were helmet to helmet hits and should have been flagged, but either way you disect it, the guy is holding the damn ball to long.

We still arent playing complete games to our potential...

Our pass rush is "subtle" at best without Mathews...and teams im sure took notice

Offense likes to fold under pressure...

Sure handed guys are starting to drop passes

Mike McCarthy hates running the ball...

On a positive note, whats left of our defense is what kept us in the Miami game...Kudos to the Defense

      I love Aaron Rodgers, but he is once again, like last year his making the job of the offensive line too hard...but its not all his fault.  I think that its about time we take a look at making a HC change, I have been a firm supporter of MM but some of these play calls are making it easy for defenses...I mean 4 and 5 wide sets on 2nd and 3? WTF...Not only is that insulting to Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn but its no wonder A-Rod has already had a concussion. I honestly believe that our chances at winning or even going to the Superbowl are a thing of the past...

I feel like there are a few things that we can do as the season progresses...

1) Keep doing exactly what we are doing, fall to 9-7ish if we are lucky and miss the playoffs, and A-Rod winds up in the ICU....

2) Go after Shawn Merriman, I know there is alot of negative surrounding Merriman, but...Here is how i look at it, Remember Terry Glen? He came to GB and turned his career around, Merriman could come up to GB and get out of the negative lime light, he is good friends with Nick Barnett, and could better himself as a man...He is still young and it could be good for us and him both...Lets also mention that teams will alwase account for Merriman...Nobody wants to see him turning the lights out standing over their quarterback...He could reviatalize his career opposite of Mathews and it would help our pass rush and possibly lead up to Mathews looking at more 1 on 1's....It is better than Francois....Jones is ehhh...and Zombo is ok...

3) This one is tricky...I am eager to see what James Starks can bring to our back field, but i think that Willis McGehee would be an excelent fit...He can make cuts and has the vision to get to the second level...we dont need Ahman Green numbers, just enough to keep defenses honest so they dont keep Rodgers on his ass....Finley and Grant gone for the season.....we need help on Offense...

     In conclusion i am not quite ready to say that our season is over...Make it to the playoffs and anything is possible right...The good news is that Al Harris is going to be back to help our secondary...Atari Bigby will eventually be back to take the place of Morgan Burnett, we know what he is or isnt capable of so....But lastly...James Starks, the guy is like 6'3 220 and is fast...or atleast he was 4 1/2 million years ago when he last put pads on...So hopefully that will give MM a reason to hand the ball off...I read someone's comment (sorry cant remember who you are) yesterday that was perfect to describe our running game...they said "Our run game has a pitch count, we get to about 80 yards and we are done." Its true...we desperatly need balance...or Rodgers wont be able to pass a balance test before long...

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