Should Favre (Really) Retire Now?


Has the time Finally come for Favre to hang it up for good? My thinking is it has, and there are several key factors pointing me in that direction.


1) The Vikings are not going to make the playoffs......there I said it here is the    proof.

Their remaining game schedule


Sun, Oct 31

New England Patriots">

New England Patriots

@ New England (5-1)

4:15 pm EDT

 This is a loss 2-5



Sun, Nov 7

Arizona Cardinals">

Arizona Cardinals

vs Arizona (3-3)

1:00 pm EST

 This could go either way 3-5



Sun, Nov 14

Chicago Bears">

Chicago Bears

@ Chicago (4-3)

1:00 pm EST

 Win 4-5



Sun, Nov 21

Green Bay Packers">

Green Bay Packers

vs Green Bay (4-3)

1:00 pm EST

 Tough Loss 4-6



Sun, Nov 28

Washington Redskins">

Washington Redskins

@ Washington (4-3)

1:00 pm EST

 Loss 4-7



Sun, Dec 5

Buffalo Bills">

Buffalo Bills

vs Buffalo (0-6)

1:00 pm EST

Easy win 5-7



Sun, Dec 12

New York Giants">

New York Giants

vs NY Giants (4-2)

1:00 pm EST

Win 6-7



Mon, Dec 20

Chicago Bears

vs Chicago (4-3)

8:30 pm EST

Loss 6-8



Sun, Dec 26

Philadelphia Eagles">

Philadelphia Eagles

@ Philadelphia (4-3)

1:00 pm EST

Win 6-9



Sun, Jan 2

Detroit Lions">Detroit Lions @ Detroit (1-5)          Win 7-9





Win 7-9



So even if they win a game I don’t see them winning they are Still an 8-8 team that does not make they playoffs. That is the only reason Favre is back this year to recover "last years magic" and get one more ring. That is not happening this year.



2) Injuries

 Lets face the ankle is now officially past the point of no return…..It was a small  manageable issue going into last nights game but after the hit he took on the last INT  he couldn’t even put weight on it.

We all know what happens when Brett plays hurt (see the 2nd half of the 2008 Jets season). This ankle WILL NOT get better this season and pretending that it will hurts the team, whatever is left of his legacy, and now the ankle will hinder him more of the rest of his life and for what?......NOTHING.



3) Penisgate

 I hate to even bring this up however…….now that it looks like Jenn Sterger is going to talk to the NFL about this in my mind it’s an 85% chance Favre gets at least a 2 game suspension  for this tomfoolery. To have a clearly amazing ironman run snapped by this issue would be nothing less than devastating for Brett and the NFL in general.



If Brett truly cared about his health, marriage, and his legacy he would hold a presser tell the world for health and personal reason he will be retiring immediately go back to Miss. Work on his marriage, enjoy his grandkid, and get healthy.  


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