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I recently did a profile on Brandon Jackson with some reasonable readership and commentary.  I would like to do another, but I would like to see what Packer or unit I should take on.  In doing a profile, I prefer to look at certain statistics and applications.  I also provide a small biography and context of where they are in their career.

Statistically I think it is a good start to look at Year-over-year (Y/Y) stats, what have you done for me lately stats, and what did they do against who stats.  I also like to look at some of the more recent "memes" revolving around the player to see if there is a valid reason for them to start in the first place.

Now applying the stats can get a little tricky and there are many ways to analyze them.  I love to compare players, but that is not always a great method.  There are so many external factors that can affect performance: teammates, teams played, and game-planning among other things.  You can put an emphasis on the context of the game.  Say the Packers get up early in a game.  This would skew statistics against a passing game (in theory) while would bolster the run game.  Kind of along the lines of context, there is situation analysis.  How well does this player do at time x.

I am going to provide a list a players and a poll.  I will give pros and cons of doing a profile on each and delve into some anecdotal reasons to do each.  Let the fun begin!

Aaron Rodgers

Pros: This guy is the focal point of the offense.  He is the leader of the Pack!!! (STROH'D)  As he goes, the Pack goes.  The guy simply puts up numbers and that is something that we make any team drool over having a player like him.  There are a lot of statistics available for Rodgers, and I could take any path to look at when talking about him.

Cons: It would almost be too easy to do a profile on him.  I like the challenge.  I would think the conversation would turn too much into a Favre vs. Rodgers discussion and that would not serve the purpose of doing a profile.  There are also some negative aspects I would like to report.  I would report them, but I don't want the discussion to turn into flame wars.

The Offensive Line:

Pros: They have been doing a better job this year at a glance.  You can breakdown where the pressure is coming from, how well they pick up blitzes, and see where the success in the run game is coming from.  There are also five of them (+plus backs and TE's) so you can pretty much talk about each of them in detail.

Cons: Finding good meaningful stats and then analyzing them.  Also going back to find out who we tore up and who we let beat us.

Clay Matthews

Pros: The man is leading our defense.  He is coming up big when the situation calls for it.  He may be the second Packer in a row to get the Defensive Player of the Year.  GOOOO CLAY!

Cons: It may be hard to justify how much of this good year is Clay (although I am pretty sure it is pretty much all Clay).  Where and when his success is coming.

Mason Crosby

Pros: He is the guy that gets us 1 point after a touchdown and 3 points for field goals.  Needless to say, he is directly related to scoring points.  Kickers are pretty easily analyzed. I could go into depth with kickoffs as well. He has been fairly discussed at length on gamethreads and other spots, so that could spark discussion.

Cons: Boring, although important.  This position is not as glamorous as any other position.  I would be fair to him, but I don't think it would be as enjoyable to cover him as other players.

The Defensive Line

Pros: This unit has been pretty solid thus far.  More than one position also helps.  Using the 3-4 makes it a lot easier to describe their roles while the 4-3 may put more emphasis on them performing.

Cons: Who are some of these players?  Injuries have decimated this unit for a big portion of the season.  It could be hard to analyze who is in when.  Also is their success more them or the scheme?

So what have you APC'ers?  I am also open to changing the name of this.  Suggestions welcome. :)

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