Here to talk about NFC North

 I come here in peace. For the time being I want you as passionate fans to put aside all hatred toward any other team and would like to ask some questions about NFC north as a whole. Thought it would be fun see the "enemies" view so to speak.  

First of all I would like to start off with my own ranking of each team at the moment.

1. Even if some people do not want to admit it. The Packers are the best team in the division at the moment.  Overcoming injuries, a young defense, and other such controversies. This is one of the reasons that Packers are separated from the rest of the division. From the Vikings mess, to Chicago being, well Chicago, to the Lions injury woes and not being able to close out games. The Packers, while being young on both sides of the ball, have overcome any of these difficulties. Especially in the past 3 games. Getting over that Minnesota and Favre hump was huge to your teams development and momentum. Schedule wise, the Packers do not have an easy road to finish in first. With road games to Minnesota, New England, and Atlanta,and a home game against the Giants. The true potential of this team will either shine or completely falter. Final record 11-5


2. Seriously Chicago, Minnesota, and Detroit all deserve to be tied for 3rd. None deserve second. Record wise, Chicago should go here, but I place the Vikings at #2. But what about the mess with Favre and Childress? I really do not care, as long as this team has Adrian Peterson in their backfield, they will keep winning games. Favre is ancient yes and showing it greatly. I just about gave up on him completely until last Sunday against Arizona, when he brought Minnesota to a great comeback win in good ole' Favre fashion. Injuries completely tore apart their WR position leaving Favre virtually no one open. Schedule wise, it is slightly easier than Green Bays. But not by much. As long as they put this team on the back of AP they will finish strong. Final record 8-8


3. As a Detroit fan, I would LOVE to put my Lions here. But Chicago deserves it more. According to the record of 5-3 they are great! Take a closer look, they are just as scary as Minnesota's controversies. They have had one decisive win 23-6, but over Carolina. Besides that that have either won or lost by a touchdown or less. Still no matter how you win games, they are still wins. Give the defense most of the credit for this teams success. Which is true Bears football, but the offense has virtually no weapons. With Cutler playing like a 2nd rookie in part to him having a poor offensive line,  not knowing when to get rid of the ball and the advance system he plays in, it has left the offense in shambles. If this teams wants a shot at the wildcard, its on the back of the defense right now. Record wise, not easy, but not impossible. Final record 7-9


4. SIGH* Well its expected. Detroit Lions placed at the bottom. Yet this is not a 2-6 football team, well it is, but you get the point. Losing our starting QB.....twice, kind of hurt us. The Lions have a youthful team, not young, but youthful. They do not understand quite yet how to play a full 60 minute game of football. When the Lions do show it however it can be beautiful. See 44-6 victory over Rams. The Lions have some extremely talented young stars. Ndomukong Suh, Louis Delmas, Matthew Stafford, Brandon Pettigrew, Calvin Johnson, Jahvid Best, Alphonso Smith. It takes alot of re-building time even with this talent, to come back from 0-16. The Lions worst loss points wise was 14 against Minnesota. Compare that to last year where our worst loss was by 45. This team is dangerous and reckless, and not quite there yet. Schedule wise is slightly difficult but probably the easiest of the four teams. Final record 5-11


There is my analysis of our Division, bring up anything you like to comment. Agree, disagree?

Green Bay: 11-5

Minnesota: 8-8

Chicago: 7-9

Detroit: 5-11

P.S. Do the Lions have an opportunity to upset the Packers in 6 weeks?

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