A Mid Season Packer MVP Watch

At the beginning of the year TrevoR started an MVP watch for the Packers.  I have to say that I missed this this little piece and decided to bring the topic back up for discussion.  Looking back at the fan posts it seems that the last MP watch was back in week 3.  Ah week 3...oh so long ago.  Back then we were coming off a shitty performance in Chicago where the Packers decided to not play football and yet still almost won the game.  Since then we've watch them hold on against the Lions, falter in overtime twice, then come back with emotional win at home and finally a gritty defensive win on the road.

Now that trip down memory lane is done let's look at my thoughts on who the most valuable players are on the squad so far (Trev had thoughts from one of those professional types - profootball weekly I believe - but I'm lazy so you're getting nothing put pure PA).  

Alright!  Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

1.  Clay Matthews III.  Really is there any doubt here?  League leader in sacks.  The right mixture of high motor, effort, talent, and smarts.  Practically bred to play the game.  The guy has it all really, but what convinced me about this was a thought I had about those three losses.  If I remember right the Claymaker pulled his hammy at the end of the Chicago game and wasn't on the field for the end of the game.  He also missed the Redskins game I believe.  If he's healthy in those games I truly believe we win at least one if not both of them.  I don't say this to whine like a Viking fan, rather to highlight his performance and what he means to the D.  After all it was clutch plays he made against Philly and NY that allowed us to win those games.

2.  Charles Woodson.  Yes, he's a bit slower, got some health problems, and drawing a few more penalties.  He's probably not going to repeat as DPOY.  All of this doesn't mean that he's not high up there on the value chart of us.  Let's not forget that Woodson has willed us to victory with clutch plays just like CMIII.  Woodson pretty much won us the Detroit game and accounted for all the scoring in the second half for use there.  He also was clutch in the Jets game to help stop a second half drive with a great pic.  Those plays alone, not to mention the countless key tackles or strips, win him a spot here.

3.  B.J. Raji.  The dude is quietly playing out of his mind.  If Matthews basically won us the Philly game, Raji won us the Vikings game.  Doubt me?  Think about this, he played all but 3 snaps for the defense.  He was the only starting D lineman that was there that night.  Yet, the Packers were able to control the line for the most part, pretty much shut down AP (sure he gain 131 yards, but there were no game changing plays that he made there and that's mostly what I'm looking for when we play him), and he helped boost the play of Wilson and Wynn.  Add on top of that he's been doing this all season and getting decent numbers of sacks from a position that's not supposed to be putting pressure on the QB....well, let's just say he's earned this position.

4. Aaron Rodgers.  This spot was a toughie for me.  There is one more defensive player that I think goes a bit higher than Rodgers based on play, but really Rodgers hasn't been bad and if he goes down then we just fold up and plan for next year.  Rodgers hasn't been great, but so far we haven't needed him to be that great yet.  He hasn't lost us any games.  He's still the tough, smart QB we know.  Now we just need him to settle in and get a good tempo going to get the O on track.

5. Tramon Williams.  Some how this guy has gone from fill in for Al Harris to our best cover corner.  Williams has been shutting guys down for the most part this season and might see his first Pro Bowl year this year.  I know there was mix reaction to the prospect of him starting, but hasn't it worked out?  His PI flags are way down.  He's been able to out on an island and hold his own (he's not quite as good as Revis or Cromartie, but does he need to be THAT good?), and if he holds on to a couple of the balls thrown his way he's even high on this list.

Honorable mention:

Mason Crosby.  He's got his head on straight and has not cost us any games yet.  I'm very please with his play.

Nick Collins.  The biggest knock against Collins was that he disappeared at the big moments and in the big games.  Picking off Farve the other night cured some of that complaint.

Greg Jennings.  He's dropped some passes here and there, but has anyone else notice that he's picked up most of the receiving slack from Finely's absence?  

Brian Bulaga.  The dude may have saved our running game and the future looks bright for him at either tackle spot.

So what do you all think?  Feel free to rip my choices or put of lists of your own.

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