Biggest draft busts of the decade...

Joe Fortenbaugh of National Football Post ( recently did a write up on the biggest draft busts of the 2000s. Its an interesting read and might make for some nice debate. I guess personally while I didn't consider Harrington to be a great QB, I never thought of him as being the #5 biggest bust of the decade. Maybe I thought higher of him than others though. Here is the list:

10. Courtney Brown (DE) - Browns #1 in 2000

9. Peter Warrick (WR) - Cincinnati #4 in 2000

8. Vernon Gholston (LB) - NY Jets #6 in 2008 (seems a little premature)

7. David Terrell (WR) - Chicago #8 in 2001

6. Johnathon Sullivan (DT) - New Orleans #6 in 2003

5. Joey Harrington (QB) - Detroit #3 in 2002

4. JaMarcus Russell (QB) - Oakland #1 in 2007

3. Mike Williams (WR) - Detroit #10 in 2005

2. See below

1. Charles Rodgers (WR) - Detroit #2 in 2003

More details on these picks and the mystery #2 after the jump

Well we made the list...thankfully, only once. Looking at the top 5 though its clear to see how Detroit has continued to remain the worst in the division for so long. Back to the Packers though, Wolf finished his final draft with his worst first round draft pick of all time...Jamal Reynolds. Was this a sign that Wolf was losing it or just a really bad move after giving up a blue chip QB prospect (Hasslebeck) and our #17 pick to get this bust. Here is the write up from the article:

NUMBER 2:   Jamal Reynolds     Defensive End      Florida State

Selected: No. 10 overall by the Green Bay Packers in 2001

Oh yeah, Packers fans. Don’t tell me you forgot about Reynolds.

After a sensational senior season in which Reynolds amassed 58 tackles and 12 sacks on his way to winning the Rotary Lombardi Award (nation’s best defensive lineman or linebacker), the Packers were believers.

So much so that Green Bay traded backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck(notes) and the 17th overall pick to the Seattle Seahawks to move up to No. 10, where it pounced on Reynolds.

Talk to any Seahawks fan and they’ll tell you how great this deal was. Talk to any Packers fan and they might mention that Reynolds never started a game in three NFL seasons and recorded a grand total of three sacks and 18 tackles in 18 games.

The Packers tried to trade Reynolds to Indianapolis in 2004, but the deal was voided when the defensive end failed a physical.

Notable players drafted after Reynolds: Steve Hutchinson(notes), Nate Clements(notes), Marcus Stroud(notes).

Interesting though is some of these drafts, like the 2000 draft were stocked with great players yet they managed to have TWO of the biggest busts of the decade mixed in. Imagine if Cincy would have grabbed Urlacher at #4 instead of Peter could have have changed that team? 2004 was similar, in the top 8 picks only ONE didn't make the pro bowl...its probably no coincidence that it was the Raiders pick. Others they missed from the list could include: Troy Williamson, Robert Gallery, Ernie Sims (if you talk to a Detroit fan I guess), Jamaal Anderson, and maybe Ted Ginn Jr (though I never expected that one to work out)

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