Analyzing the Packers 2010 Draft

1. OT Bryan Bulaga- Wow, we didn't think he'd actually fall to us.  For us, it was Bulaga or a pass rusher.  Bulaga was the general consensus on the best player on the board and he fell to us.  His only knock is not being a great athlete and has short arms.  Well, Chad Clifton had the same knock and he worked out very well for us.  Bulaga aka "the whale" is a fine addition to Green Bay.  ---A+

2. DE Mike Neal- A shocker for most of us as in he was a reach.  Word is we were targeting a pass rusher in the 2nd Round, but the board didn't work in our favor here.  Whether we tried to trade down or not, I'm not sure.  If we couldn't, then we got our man.  He has the ideal size to be a 3-4 DE, so we can't complain there.  With Jolly possibly facing a suspension and becoming a free agent after this season, Neal looks to be a future starter.  He has a great first step and can provide a decent pass rush.  The area he needs to work on is stopping the run.  Often times he gets tied up in blocks. ---C+

3. SS Morgan Burnett- 100% approval by us fans.  I haven't heard or saw one fan complain about our trade up for Burnett.  He's best known for his coverage skills and being a ball hawk.  Allow me to introduce Nick Collins II.  His only flaw is his tackling ability, which can always be worked on.  Bottom line, he made a ball hawking secondary even scarier.  I'm sure by this point some fans wanted a Cornerback for obvious reasons.  Perhaps that could have been addressed in the 2nd Round, but TT didn't like who was on the board.  One thing to be aware of though as we continue our transition into the 3-4, the Safeties have a bigger role than Corners.  While the corners play zone near the sideline, the Safeties are covering the majority of the football field.  You all saw what happened to Pittsburgh's defense went it was without Troy Polamalu.  You all saw what happened to Baltimore's without Ed Reed.  That is how important Safeties are in a 3-4.  While in the 4-3, you generally play man to man and the Safety sits back deep.  In the 3-4, you play a lot more zone blitzes and the Safeties have more responsibilies as the Corners cover the sideline. ---A+

5. TE Andrew Quarless- Puzzle for most us.  This is the time where you begin to take risks though.  Quarless is best known for his poor attitude and big ego.  Before his senior season he was almost kicked off the team for his drinking problem.  Supposedly he cleaned up his act, so we'll see.  The man does have talent though.  Standing at 6'4 and being 255 lbs, he does have the ability to create mismatches.  Our risk on TE Jermicheal Finley a couple years ago definately paid off for us, so we'll see if Quarless does as well.  He's not known for his run blocking so much which we need, but he is a good receiver.  If he does pan out, then we'll have a dual threat TE Attack.  Remember the days of Chumura and Jackson. ---B-

5. OG Marshall Newhouse- Another puzzling selection here.  Is he a Guard or Tackle?  Or is he just an athlete.  He's got upside, but is a risk.  Another one of our classic boom or bust guys.  Green Bay has good depth at the interior of the line, but needed OT's.  Whether he turns into our starting tackles over the years, we will see.  ---C

6. HB James Starks- In a year and a half, he broke Buffalo's rushing records.  Electric runner in the same build as Ryan Grant, just a lot faster.  His knocks are the talent he played against and him missing all of his Senior Season due to an injury. ---B+

7. DE CJ Wilson- A good safe pick in the 7th Round.  He's got good size to play as a 3-4 DE.  He should provide quality depth to our Defensive Line, maybe turn into a starter in the future.  Rarely do these picks ever do that, but we'll see. ---A

Overall: We should very happy with our draft.  We needed to get a pass rusher and cornerback, but since the board didn't work in our favor early, we addressed other needs.  A very good draft overall and we can't complain.  We can't address every position we want in a single draft.  Next year we will most likely target a CB and OLB early in the draft.  Maybe Brad Jones will turn into a solid pass rusher, we will see.  Jones is clearly a big winner in the draft though along with the rest of the linebackers.  Adding in another guy in the trenches only makes their job easier.  Pat Lee and Brandon Underwood are also winners as they get to keep their jobs for another season.  Lee needs to stay healthy and show improvement as Underwood needs to take another step in learning his position.  The faster they develop, the less concern they have of losing their job and the cornerback position becomes.

Overall Grade- B+

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