Biggest concerns going into camp

Starting spots up for grabs, who is going to stay healthy, who is going to step up?

Al Harris

With training camp starting in a little over a week, one concern going into camp is if Al Harris is going to be able to get back to being his old self and staying healthy, not just in camp but through out the season. I'm not second guessing if he will be able to come back effectivly but if he can stay healthy..? I'm just not ready to have Tramon Williams locking up with with the #2 on sundays yet.  We dont know how effective our depth is at Corner and the thought of Jaret Bush on the field is scary.


Atari Bigby

I'm guessing that he is going to be at camp. But i mean he still hasnt signed his tender, he is a starter, i mean its still up in the air. If he is rehabing his ankle or holding out for money its still a question that is relevant. He has had injuries in the past and will he be healthy through the season?  Fortunatly he have drafter someone at the position but that i believe will play a role in some coverage situations. However physical play is a must at strong safety and has been solid when he has been healthy.


Justin Harrell

The defensive line will have to step it up this year if we want to beat the Vikings, or win our divison, or win the NFC or SuperBowl or whatever. The point is it all starts at camp and Justin Harrell needs to be getting as many reps as he can get in to get in shape to stay healthy and contribute...If not i just dont see him staying on the team anymore. So i'm eager to see what happens, if he sucks and they cut him, Awesome. If he busts his ass and gets out there and stuffs the run and brings some pressure, Awesome. Something needs to happen with him and i would rather him make a case for us drafting him in the first round and help us really turn some heads defensivly this year.


Left Guard

Who is going to start there next year? For the love of god i hope they are not leaning towards Darren Colledge. Thats all i really have to say about that.


James Starks

We really need this guy to stay healthy if anything this year if you think about it. Ryan Grant hopfully will get 1400 with 9 TD's but at this point it seems like who knows when it comes to how he is going to do you know? Brandon Jackson i'm looking to really step up this year and play well on 3rd downs or whenever he spells RG. But if either of those guys get's hurt Starks will have to be ready. We dont need another Deshawn Wynn...What we do need is this guy to stay healthy and get used to the speed of the game again since he hasnt played in quite some time. Special Teams can alwase use help and maybe he could step up to be that guy? But we need this guy and everyone else  to stay healthy at RB to keep some sort of balance on offense.


Defensive Line

It seems pretty solidified at this point as far as Jenkins, Pickett and Raji are concerned. But as everyone know's, those guys rotate and being a starter only goes so far. Like i already mentioned about Harrell its do or die time. I hope Mike Neal can get good push at DE and be a solid guy to rotate in there.  Cj Wilson will have a chance to hold true to his guarantee that he is "Going to make plays"...I hope he does, and think he will, but the stage is set...Do it in camp.



Will it be Jones? Will it be Poppinga? Who is going to win the battle there and will they get a pass rush this year?


I'm sure there are other legit concerns that i havent mentioned like if Nick Barnett and Aj Hawk will be able find work in coverage this year and so on and so on. What do you think? 

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