A revised look at the roster (Post Jolly Edition)

Even though it's way too early to look at who might make the final 53, it's a good time to bring the topic again.  So who do you all think is in?  Who is out?  What are the key position battles come camp?

Who's in?

QB: 2 Rodgers and Flynn
RB: 5 Grant, Jackson, Starks, Johnson, Kuhn
WR: 5 Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson, Swain
TE: 4 Finely, Lee, Havner, Quarless
OL: 10 Clifton, Spitz, Wells, Sitton, Tausch, Bulaga, Colledge, Dietrich-Smith, Giacomini, Lang
DL: 6 Jenkins, Raji, Pickett, Wilson, Harrell, Neal
LB: 8 Matthews, Barnett, Hawk, Jones, Poppinga, Chillar, Bishop, Obizor
CB: 6 Woodson, Williams, Lee, Underwood, Bell, Shields (Harris starts the year on the PUP list)
S: 4 Collins, Burnett, Bigby, Martin
P: 1 Bryan
K: 1 Crosby
LS: 1 Goode

The rest after the jump.

First a few notes on my predictions:

1.  Harris is on the PUP list.  When he comes off that and on to the roster Bell is probably the guy who gets cut to make room for him.

2. I really have no clue who will be the punter.  I mostly picked Bryan on the novelty of having an Aussie punter on the team.  The games will play a big role and I wouldn't be surprised if the Pack really goes with someone who is on a different roster right now.

3. Breno made it.  Right now the coaching staff seems pretty high on him.  Who knows, if Breno can push Tausch for the starting job like Campen thinks, he may even be a vital asset and bring some much needed depth.  That's the main reason why he made the list.  In this case I'm assuming the Packers think they can sneak Newhouse to the Practice Squad for this year.

Who's out?

There are plenty of guys that could make it on any other roster that the Pack will have to part with.  A few noteworthy ones:

1. Harrell.  No, not that one!  Graham Harrell.  I really don't see the Pack keeping three QB's this year and I think they try to get him to the PS.

2. Wynn.  Too small, I think they keep the injured wonder and the rookie instead.

3.  Hall. A coin flip is the only difference between him and Kuhn.

Camp Battles?

The O-line Free-for-All: Basically the only two guys who have their position locked down is Clifton and Sitton.  Apart from them everyone has a spot, but there will be competition.  Colldege and Spitz will battle for LG, Spitz and Wells for C, Breno and Tausch for RT (I know I don't see it either, but I'll take Campen at his word).  

The Safety Dance...err...Battle: This one we've talked about as well.  So I won't bother too much with this one.  We all know it, it's talked about all the time.  

The Battle of the Third Wheel:

Part one, WR.  James Jones and Jordy Nelson seem to be locked in an eternal battle to rise to above average.  In reality this battle won't be won completely by either one and so they will split time once more.  I do expect that this battle will become extra heated this year since there will be contracts coming up and each will want to set up to be the replacement to DD.

Part two, CB.  This actually may be the most interesting battle of all of them.  Will it be Pat Lee?  A second round pick with high expectations and too many injuries?  Or will it be Brandon Underwood?  The second coming of Johnny Jolly on the Packer's Police blotter.  Even though I have high hopes for Lee, I think Underwood will put it together on the field.  Let's just hope that he can get it together off the field as well.

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