The Pack Is Back With a Vengeance

Packers fans, I am a broadcast journalist with Mid-Utah Radio of Manti and Richfield, Utah and am going about the SB Nation stratosphere with writing NFL predictions on an alphabetical basis. The lot fell on you guys this time around, so feel free to comment if you'd like. All criticisms (if any) will be assessed carefully so say whatever you want, lest our society should become a tyrannous monarchy. Enjoy!

In numerous media circles, the Green Bay Packers have emerged as a darkhorse to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and perhaps I can be counted among those who believe in Green Bay.

For starters, Aaron Rodgers (350 of 541, 4,434 yards, 30 TD’s 7 INT’s) continues to blossom when given the opportunity to play and in Donald Driver (70 receptions, 1,061 yards, 6 TD’s) and speedster Greg Jennings (68 rec, 1,113 yards, 5 TD’s) he has a pair of solid wideouts. I am also a fan of Jordy Nelson (a healthy 14.5 yards per reception in 2009 if you need him)

Of course, the emergence of Jermichael Finley (55 rec, 676 yards, 5 TD’s) gives Rodgers an embarrassment of riches that few teams can compare with.

When tailback Ryan Grant (282 car, 1,253 yards, 11 TD’s) is added to the mix, I can picture the Packers creating nightmares for opposing defenses all season.

Additionally, with a defense featuring the likes of Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson ( nine INT’s last season), Nick Barnett,  and Nick Collins, Green Bay has the makings of a special season.

Of course, expectations are high for rookie tackle Bryan Bulaga as he will likely be called upon right away to contribute to the Packers’ potentially explosive offense.

With all of this said, I tip my hat to Green Bay for acquiring such solid talent  in a small market (the NFL Record & Fact Book lists Green Bay-Appleton, Wis. as the nation’s 70th largest market) without many of the luxuries larger markets, such as New York and Baltimore, have access to.

A great chance still exists that Brett Favre may jilt the Vikings so I extol Ted Thompson for not giving into #4’s demands and continuing to build his franchise the way he deemed was best.

Finally, because of the Packers’ solid talent base which Thompson and president/CEO Mark Murphy have built, I can see this team winning perhaps 12 or 13 games while averaging around 25-26 points per game.

Good luck to the Packers as they epitomize everything good about old-fashioned American values, pure integrity and doing the right thing. Thus, to the only NFL team where all fans at the stadium are owners of the franchise, I salute you.

In closing, I also enjoyed your open forum sessions with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. You guys are class acts and give the rest of we NFL fans a template of how we should behave. Raiders fans, obviously need the most lessons on that point.

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