Preseason Recap: Browns Defeat Packers 27-24

GREEN BAY WI - AUGUST 14: Phil Dawson #4 of the Cleveland Browns watches his game winning field goal during the NFL preseason game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field August 14 2010 in Green Bay Wisconsin. (Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)

Just a reminder, while the Green Bay Packers did lose a game 27-24 (follow the link for more Browns vs Packers coverage) the preseason results don't matter. In 2008, the Lions went unbeaten during the preseason, only to suffer through an 0-16 regular season

There were a couple notable injuries during the game, and I'm sure we'll hear about a few others next week.

Due to a trio of demanding preschoolers, I was unable to watch anything more than a few bits of the game. I'll watch it on the DVR later this week/weekend, but I can comment on a few of the big plays.

Play-by-play recap from

First Quarter:

(9:07) 35-J.Harrison right guard for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN. 

QB Jake Delhomme went 6 for 7 on the opening TD drive against a vanilla defense that was playing soft coverage. Given his surgically repaired arm, I expect most teams will press and dare him to throw deep, but the Packers weren't. The only thing that was troubling was the push the Browns offensive line got on running plays. It didn't seem like NT B.J. Raji held up very well in the middle.

(8:57) 25-R.Grant up the middle to GB 21 for no gain (71-A.Rubin). FUMBLES (71-A.Rubin), RECOVERED by CLV-24-S.Brown at GB 24. 24-S.Brown to GB 13 for 11 yards (88-J.Finley).

It was a disaster night for RB Ryan Grant. His first carry was an uncharacteristic fumble, and two carries later he was knocked out of the game. The TD throw three plays later was a nice pass by QB Seneca Wallace, who used his legs to keep the play alive and the pass rush didn't do a good job of getting to him.

Second Quarter:

(11:22) (Shotgun) 6-S.Wallace pass short middle to 82-B.Watson for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Another TD pass from Wallace. TE Ben Watson beat LB A.J. Hawk and S Charlie Peprah in coverage. If Hawk and Peprah are playing defense on any key 3rd down plays during the season (which isn't the plan right now), I would expect the Packers defense would be in trouble.

(:37) (Shotgun) 12-C.McCoy pass deep left intended for 86-J.Haggerty INTERCEPTED by 33-B.Underwood at GB -4. 33-B.Underwood pushed ob at GB 31 for 35 yards (40-P.Hillis).

That was an awful pass by QB Colt McCoy. But CB Brandon Underwood does look much better this season.

Fourth Quarter:

(2:39) 9-C.Bryan punts 42 yards to CLV 34, Center-61-B.Goode, downed by GB-53-M.Simpkins.

(1:09) 8-T.Masthay punts 44 yards to CLV 26, Center-61-B.Goode. 10-S.Steptoe pushed ob at CLV 41 for 15 yards (35-K.Hall). PENALTY on GB-53-M.Simpkins, Ineligible Downfield Kick, 5 yards, enforced at CLV 41.

For what it's worth in the battle of the punters, while both punts led to a game tying and then a game winning FG, P Chris Bryan's punt went for a net of 42 yards while P Tim Masthay's went for a net of 29 (24 with penalty). 

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