Interesting insight on the Moss to the Packers rumblings in 2007

So upon visiting National Football Post earlier today, I found a very interesting article. Now I don't necessarily want to open up the whole Brett Favre situation back up but because of the topic of my post, it may be hard to avoid.

As many know, Brett Favre lobbied hard for the Packers to sign Randy Moss prior to the 2007 season. Many, including myself, believed that Thompson was either; a) not willing to give up what the Raiders were asking for, b) not willing to give Moss the money he wanted. Interestingly enough, it turns out neither of these were the case. Here's an excerpt from the story about Moss written by former Green Bay Packers Vice President Andrew Brandt:

The offers from both teams were very similar for 2007, both around $3 million with additional incentives. Our proposal allowed Moss to make more than the Patriots proposal, although we had significant money tied to 45-man active roster bonuses, protecting us from injury if he could not play. Our offer, however, required a second year in 2008. Moss and his agents were adamant that he wanted only a one-year deal. Having lost market value from his Raider experience, Moss would agree to a massive pay reduction for 2007 but wanted to hit the open market in 2008 coming off what he expected to be a big season.


Moss wanted to only be signed to a one year deal. The Packers however, weren't interested in that. They didn't want to have Moss for one season, only to possibly lose him the next season to another team who was willing to throw the bank at him. Under the assumption of course that he would have a big season, which was probably a pretty safe assumption.

The Patriots offered him a one year deal and that was that. As many know, this upset Favre. Brandt acknowledges this in his article:

Brett was livid. The rest of the weekend I was fielding calls from Bus Cook about what went wrong in trying to sign Randy. Ted did not want to deal with Bus, so I listened patiently to their rancor and tried to explain our position. I truly empathized with Brett. He had befriended and admired Randy for years and the two of them had dreamed of playing together. Here was an opportunity for us to make it a reality. But ultimately, we stood on our principles requiring more than a one-year commitment.

Brandt then goes on to say:

I told Brett to trust what we had at the position; that Greg Jennings would be a star in a couple years. He said he didn’t have a couple of years.

I can understand this. Favre probably saw himself retiring sometime in the near future, and like he told Brandt, he didn't have the time to wait. It would turn out that he really didn't have to though. As we know now, Jennings broke out in 2007, and Driver and James Jones were tremendous that season too. 

Despite the tremendous year from our receiving corps though, Brandt says we again inquired about Randy Moss after his first season with the Patriots. According to Brandt, the Packers, along with the Patriots, Eagles, and Cowboys all showed interest in him.

And guess what team showed some decent interest again in 2008? Yes, the Packers (along with the Eagles and Cowboys). But again, despite getting Brett's hopes up again, the Packers bowed out of the bidding (I had left the Packers at that point but heard the anger and frustration from Brett’s camp). Moss re-signed with the Patriots on March 3rd. Favre retired from the Packers on March 4thCoincidence?

This is something I was completely unaware of. Many of the Favre apologists often claim that Thompson didn't even want Moss or try to get him. According to Brandt, we actually looked at him twice! 

What I find even more interesting though, is the fact the Favre retired just one day after Moss re-signed with the Patriots. Too answer Brandt's question, no I don't believe it was a coincidence. I've seen many people suggest that Favre in fact wanted to leave the Packers but I've never really bought into it. This article has changed my stance on that though. I think not signing Moss that second time around was the last straw for Favre.

Too me though, that doesn't make sense. I can understand why Favre was so adament on signing Moss prior to 2007 but honestly, what was the need for him after the season? Now don't get me wrong, I realize Moss would have been an upgrade over any of the guys we had at the time but it's not like our guys were something to scoff at either. Between Jennings and Driver we had what was one of the better receiver tandems in the league, and a pretty promising third option in James Jones. Wasn't that good enough? It's not like the offense really needed anymore help. And on top of that, we would have had to offer him big, big money which I'm sure Thompson didn't want to do considering the young talent we already had at the positon.

Really, this article has only strengthened my position that Favre was more so in the wrong then Thompson, or the rest of our staff was.

What do you guys think about this article? Does it change your view on things or not?

BTW- Here's a link too the entire article written by Andrew Brandt. I'd strongly suggest reading it.

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