Thank You Packers - From A Fan of the Dirty Bird Falcons

Just a disclaimer:

This is in no way a trolling post or anything like that. Just some thoughts on the game and on your team.

IF there is any part of this post that you guys feel is a trolling comment, just tell me and I'll edit. I'm going to be very careful as to not tickle any sensitivities.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Packers franchise on behalf of Falcons fans for two purposes-

-Helping fans see the blatant holes we have in our team. The coaching staff has successfully been able to hide these problems all season, namely lack of secondary depth, a generally weak pass rush outside of John Abraham, and really only having two receiving threats in Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. 

-Just being a classy bunch of fans about the loss. Nobody from APC came over and trolled the Falcoholic. The Packers players didn't pose on the Falcons logo after the win. They came in, did their business, and left. That's a classy organization with classy players and the fans at the dome with Packers gear on were also very classy. (I didn't really like the 'Kuhhhhhhhhhn' chants but hey, what can ya do?)


Secondly, I'd like to explore your team and what happened in the game.

-No one is going to beat the Packers when Aaron Rodgers is Aaron it out (see what I did there?) to the tune of 31-36 for 366 and 3 TDs. I don't care who the team is, those numbers just generally aren't conquerable. The question must be asked, however, how did the gameplan of the Packers allow for those stats to happen? This takes nothing away from Aaron, he was ultimately amazing.

-The Packers OC/Coaching Staff and the game-plan.

-Somebody did some research. Brian Williams, our normal nickel corner, was injured in game 16 against the Panthers. Whatever, it's just a nickel-back, right? Wrong. Chris Owens, who is an incompetent pile of himself, was the replacement. The Packers noticed this, and they threw at that clown most of the game. I normally don't attack a player for making mistakes, but I remember one drive in particular where Aaron just threw at whoever Chris Owens happened to be "covering." He must have been targeted 15 or so times, and he had 1 pass deflection. One. At any rate, I don't expect Chris Owens to be on our roster next year, and kudos to the Pack for being able to exploit that weakness significantly and with great success. That was a great call.

-The Defensive game-plan was just as awesome, as BJ Raji and Clay Matthews were in Matt Ryan's facemask for most of the game. As a Falcons fan, I feel like out offense behaved very uncharacteristically and a lot of credit goes to the Packers defense for causing that to happen. Dom Capers was smart enough to double cover Roddy White all game, and they jammed Gonzalez' crossing routes very successfully. So, Matt Ryan had to chase Michael Jenkins all day vs. Tramon Williams. And Williams easily won that match-up, and will every time. Nothing against Jenkins, but he is much more Josh Morgan than Greg Williams. Against any other team, those blitz packages would be fun to watch.

-I think the ultimate swing point was Tramon William's first pick in the end zone. IF Jenkins were able to catch that, the Falcons go up 21-14 and the Packers have a different approach. The second pick was a result of the first pick, I'm sure Mike Smith would have just kneeled out the clock or kicked the 50-yarder if the game was tied or the Falcons were ahead. After that second pick, the Falcons abandoned the run (which is really the only way we can create a successful drive anyway) in an effort to score quickly, and the Falcons don't have the big play offense to do that.


All in all, congratulations on your win, and I will be rooting for the Pack the rest of the way. If you're going to lose in that embarrassing of a fashion, it may as well be to the Champions. I think you guys will do the same to the Bears, and it will be a Jets-Packers Superbowl. And we already saw what happened when the Packers played the Jets.

Good luck guys!


PS: I knew James Starks was going to be ineffectual at best against the Falcons, who boast one of the better run defenses in the NFL, but the Bears are a little easier to run on. Just a little easier.

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