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First off, this is my first fan post because I suck at typing the English language, so excuse me if there's some misspellings and what not.  I also do not know how to do fancy stuff with quotes and making stuff look cool.  Ya dig? And sorry if this has already been written about.


Now that I'm done making excuses for myself, what do you guys make of the quotes from Brett Favre?

the ones I'm speaking of are

- "I think they will win it all! I hope they do, if you are wondering."

- That the Packers are "by far" the best team standing

- "Aaron Rodgers is the best QB and the receiving corps is the best ever, maybe,"

- "But Dom and the defense gets the MVP award at this stage."


Do you think he is trying to repair his imagine in GB now that he knows he can't possibly stick it to MM or TT anymore?  Or, as a few ESPN people are suspecting, is he giving Rodgers backhanded compliments by stating that Rodgers is doing this with the best receivers (implying Favre did it with much less talent) and that the real reason the Packers are winning is the Defensive Don Dom.

While I agree that Rodgers receivers are far more talented than anything Favre had as a Packer, I'm not sure what he means by "best ever".  There's no way they're the best ever in the NFL, probably the best the Packers have ever had, but other than that I'm clueless to what it could mean.  I also agree that Capers is the man, no ifs ands or buts about it.  In fact I'm so happy that most teams have found head coaches now so that Dom is more likely to be with the Pack next year.

As for my thoughts about the quotes, I'm leaning towards it being backhanded compliments to Rodgers, while trying to make amends with fans.  One cannot with absolute certainty say that he wasn't complimenting the team and that's what he'll state if asked about it, but if he was really trying to say how great Rodgers is/has been playing, he would have mentioned the lack of a run game and the suspect offensive line.

There was also the incident after the last Bears/Vikes game where Favre told Peppers to "beat the Packers"... so I'm really just clueless as to what anything this man says anymore.  Could he possibly just be putting pressure on the Packers to succeed, in hopes that they lose?  Maybe he's just covering his tracks for when the Packers win this weekend, or maybe... I don't know.

What you think?


Also, if anyone caught the Visanthe Hanglow interview on "Rome is Burning" he made it pretty clear that the Bears defensive is better than the Packers and that he'd rather play the Packers defense.  Stating that the Bears "throw so much at you" and the Packers are "pretty plain" and that they don't do much.  He also made reference to even though Rodgers is playing well, the Packers will lose because of him on Sunday (that losing part is how I interpreted his words)... I can't stand the dude, he is very talented by he kind of seemed like he wasn't exactly a football genius so I'm not taking his words too seriously, just surprised me how much more he thinks of the Bears than the Packers.  He did also mention how much he doesn't like the Packers, which probably helps explain his thoughts on the team.  Just had to throw this in their, since it came on while I was typing this.

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