APC Pick'em Thread: Week 7

Alright, guys, week 7 is approaching. Based on user-opinions, I might set up a little 'pick em' game each week. So first, some rules:

1. Anyone can pick.

2.. Include the name of the team you want to win in the SUBJECT LINE of the comment. If you'd rather not use the subject line, use ALL CAPS. For example....

Washington, Cleveland, Detroit, Denver, Jets, Tampa Bay, Houston, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Dallas, Green Bay, New Orleans, Baltimore.


Underneath that, you can do whatever you like: Explain why you picked certain teams, the usual. Bonus points for creatively insulting Jay Cutler.

3. Make sure its in the same order that I do it. For example, if I pick the Panthers game, the Bears game, the Eagles game in succession, you should go in the same order.

So, lets start! (Picks after the Jump)


Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers

arodgb's pick: WASHINGTON

Cam Newton hasn't looked as sharp recently. I give the edge to the Redskins, who nearly overcame a 4 INT explosion by Sexy Rexy Grossman to beat the Eagles.

Seattle Seahawks @ Cleveland Browns

arodgb's pick: CLEVELAND

Seattle's been a bit up and down lately, and Cleveland hasn't looked THAT bad this year. I like Colt McCoy and the Browns.

Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions

arodgb's pick: DETROIT

Detroit has plenty of flaws: but even so, its hard for me to imagine the Falcons attempting to cover Calvin Johnson.

Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins

arodgb's pick: DENVER

Tim Tebow era. Miami has looked horrid this year, so I'm banking on Tebow.

San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets

arodgb's pick: NEW YORK JETS

Phillip Rivers hasn't quite been as sharp this year, and the Jets defense could pose some problems for him.

Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

arodgb's pick: TAMPA BAY

As much as I hate these two teams, Chicago has Jay Cutler, so by default, the pick goes to Tampa.

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

arodgb's pick: HOUSTON

A better matchup than previously thought, Houston should prove to have more offense with Foster and Schaub.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Arizona Cardinals

arodgb's pick: PITTSBURGH

Kevin Kolb could have some real problems here: Big Ben has been on a tear recently, and there is absolutely nothing in Arizona that should slow him down.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

arodgb's pick: KANSAS CITY

The LOL of it all, giving up two first rounders, only to lose to KC the next week.

St. Louis Rams @ Dallas Cowboys

arodgb's pick: DALLAS

Romo finds a way to get it done against the winless Rams.

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

arodgb's pick: GREEN BAY

My team beats the other team to go to 7-0.

Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints

arodgb's pick: NEW ORLEANS

The Colts pass D has been awful. Drew Brees has been lights out.

Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars

arodgb's pick: BALTIMORE

Ray Lewis and co. win against a flailing rookie quarterback.

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