Midway through the season, MVP candidates.

All right not quite, but it's close enough. Coming into week 8, we've got a few front runners.

Breaking it down by position.


Aaron Rodgers - 2372 Yards 20 TD 3 INT 8 40yard passes 125.7 rating 71.5% 2 Rush TD 0 Fumb

Tom Brady*... - 2163 Yards 16 TD 8 INT 4 40yard passes 104.8 rating 67.5% 0 Rush TD 0 Fumb

Drew Brees... - 2477 yards 18 TD 8 INT 6 40yard passes 104.6 rating 70.9% 0 Rush TD 0 Fumb


Jarred Allen - 29 Tackles 11.5 Sacks 2 Forced Fumbles 1 INT


Adrian Peterson... - 712 Rush 8 TD 6x 20+yard rush 1 Fumb 49 Rec 0 TD 0 20+Rec 0 Fumb

Matt Forte.......... - 672 Rush 2 TD 9x 20+yard rush 0 Fumb 419 Rec 1 TD 5 20+Rec 0 Fumb

Darren McFadden - 614 Rush 4 TD 8x 20+yard rush 1 Fumb 154 Rec 1 TD 1 20+Rec 0 Fumb

Fred Jackson*..... - 601 Rush 6 TD 8x 20+yard rush 0 Fumb 279 Rec 0 TD 4 20+Rec 0 Fumb


Wes Welker*... - 51 Rec 785 Yards 6 TD 13 20+Rec 0 Fumb

Calvin Johnson - 41 Rec 679 Yards 10TD 11 20+Rec 0 Fumb


Charles Woodson - 28 Tackles 1.0 Sacks 12 Pass Def 5 INT 1 FRec 1 TD

Looking at these guys at a quick glance, these are the #'s I'd give them.

1. Aaron Rodgers

2. Calvin Johnson

3. Tom Brady

4. Matt Forte

5. Wes Welker

6. Drew Brees

7. Fred Jackson

8. Jarred Allen

9. Adrian Peterson

10.Darren McFadden

11.Charles Woodson

But if you make the arguemnt that MVP should be the team that could live the least without a player, the figures change a bit.

Take that player off the team, and what sort of impact do they have?

1. Aaron Rodgers - Without Rodgers, the Packers are a good team with good weapons, and an unproven QB. Flynn did well last year in his small role, but without Rodgers, we are a struggling 3-4 team.

2. Calvin Johnson - Megatron is an imposing force. Without him, Stafford has other guys to throw the ball to, but the prayer lobs wouldn't be there. They are also a 3-4 team without him.

3. Tom Brady - Brady is off to a spetacular start. Without Tom, Ryan Mallet is the starting QB, and guess what, in preseason, he looked like he could be as good as any of the QB's coming into this season. they'd be decent right now.

4. Matt Forte - Without Forte, Cutler would be 22nd in passing yards. This team would be in sire straights and would be looking at the suck for Luck sweepstakes.

5. Wes Welker - Brady has plenty of guys to throw the ball to. Not much impact on this.

6. Drew Brees - I don't even know who the backup is. Without Brees, this team is nowhere.

7. Fred Jackson - The engine that could in Buffalo. He's a great reason why they're off to such a good start. without him, this team is troubled.

8. Jarred Allen - This is a tough one, since the Vikings aren't doing well. But leading the league in sacks and on pace for a record season is nothing to scoff at. Allen is essentially the Vikings defense.

9. Adrian Peterson - You see the periods of the season where the coaches take the ball out of AP's hands, and it's a disaster. Many of their losses are due to AP not getting the ball in the second half. take him out, and any QB in the area would suffer mightily.

10.Darren McFadden - Jason Campbell isn't the reason why Oakland was scoring points. Take him out and it's just lose baby.

11.Charles Woodson - The Packers struggles on defense aren't becuase of Woodson. Leading the league in INT's at the age of 35,36. He's an all time player. Filling his shoes isn't impossible however, and the packers wouldn't change much without him, just be slightly less effective on defense.

So given their value to their team, things get rearranged.

1a. Peyton Manning - clearly he is the most valuable to his team.

1. Matt Forte

2. Drew Brees

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Adrian Peterson

5. Fred Jackson

6. Darren McFadden

7. Calvin Johnson

8. Tom Brady

9. Jarred Allen

10.Charles Woodson

11.Wes Welker

Now, this is only half-way through the season, and I'm sure that opponents are going to key on these players, so we only have to wait and see how each of these guys perform. I don't think Forte will be able to keep up the pace he's setting, especially considering that he's gonna be the focal point of most defenses. Brees has the best chance to keep up his pace, given that half of his games are going to be in weather friendly domes. Rodgers can do it, but with many games at Lambeau in the winter, things are going to be hard for our guy to win it. Our only hope is if we go 16-0. Can't deny Rodgers the title if that happens.

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