Packers Coaches and Staff to be Raided?

Ran into an interesting article * from today. It talked about all the talent behind the scenes in GB that could get raided in this upcoming season. I know a lot of these names are names that WE know but it sounds like the rest of the league has taken note and this could be a year where we start to lose some of our talented coordinators, coaches, and even office guys. I think Capers will be safe. I don't see another team putting him in charge, but you never know I guess. Here are the rest the article mentioned (after the jump).

Here are five guys that Erik Edholm mentioned as possible candidates to move onto other teams in the wake of us building this juggernaut of a team:

Director/football operations Reggie McKenzie: The Raiders are said to be very interested in speaking to McKenzie for their would-be general manager position after the death of Al Davis. McKenzie is respected as a personnel man, despite a lack of experience on the college side of things. He has been with the team for 18 years, serving 10 as pro personnel director, having worked with former Packers GM Ron Wolf, who is one of the key advisors in the Raiders' search committee. McKenzie also played for the team — albeit when it was in Los Angeles — from 1985 to 1988. One interesting note: McKenzie has already interviewed for the Falcons, Texans and Titans, and some in the NFL feel he's a bit comfortable in Green Bay.

I like hearing that a coach feels too comfortable here in GB...hopefully TT takes care of these guys so we don't lose too many...

QB coach Tom Clements: Clements is an extremely bright and scholarly coach who has been a huge reason for Aaron Rodgers'(notes) success, and some have compared their coach-QB, hand-in-glove relationship to that of Tom Moore and Peyton Manning(notes). Notre Dame reportedly was interested in talking to Clements for their head-coaching job before Brian Kelly(notes) got it, and the Packers have fended off a few NFL teams (including the rival Bears) that have sought to interview him for a coordinator position. Some say that he might be the most prepared to be a head coach on the Packers' staff.

I can't believe we have a talent like Clements focused just on QBs, this guy will inevitably be stolen away at some point. Lets just hope its not to one of our offensively inept division rivals (not talking about the Lions). I am a little surprised he's never gotten a shot anywhere as an HC or something yet. I hope he's around for a long time though, he's coached up two of the greats in the game!

Vice president of football administration/player finance Russ Ball: He might have been the team's secret MVP during the Super Bowl season, managing the financial situation in a cap-less season in which the Packers managed injuries, spent the money they had to compete and still managed to smartly extend a few players' long-term deals. A former strength coach, Ball is smart, measured and even-keeled and has a comparable track record to Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt. Some feel Ball might be best in a president's role overseeing the big picture rather than as a GM. He's also a candidate to replace GM Ted Thompson whenever he steps down.

All well run places have ladders set up with people in line to take over if certain people leave the company (contingency plan). If this article is right, and Ball is the candidate to replace TT down the line, I don't think he'll be going anywhere. I am sure he'll be well compensated and knowing that TT doesn't plan to be around forever, he'll get his chance soon enough.

Assistant head coach/ILB coach Winston Moss: Not everyone is enamored with Moss, but Mike McCarthy clearly trusts him and he's considered a players' coach. The Eagles were interested in him as a defensive coordinator option this offseason, and he would appeal to several teams because he's young (45), technology-savvy, knowledgeable about different schemes, a former player (11 years in the NFL) and as a minority, he would qualify as a Rooney Rule candidate.

I was worried we were going to lose Moss last year. I think he's going to be a guy we see listed in this kind of article every year until he's actually gone. The fact that he's a minority means he's going to get extra invites out to teams but all it takes is impressing one of them. I think he'll be gone in the next year or two at the most. His title saves him from being taken by a team for the same position (sometimes teams will hire for the same position and add the Asst HC title to it so its a "promotion") so that is a bonus to keep him around a little longer!

Director of college scouting John Dorsey: The Packers' draft record over the past 11 years, under Dorsey's watch, stacks up with almost any other team. Dorsey's reputation among many of his peers is that he is a top-five college director, a former linebacker and grinder on the scouting circuit who outworks many others with his title. But Dorsey tried to follow Mike Holmgren out to Seattle, and it was a nightmare; Dorsey was back in Green Bay a year later. Many have said his high-strung personality might keep him from getting jobs elsewhere.

You don't hear much about scouts like this. Being that TT came through this path, I am sure this is a guy that is almost his right hand man. I bet he won't go anywhere.

Assistant director of player personnel Eliot Wolf: Some will make Theo Epstein comparisons because of his age (29), and Wolf's name (he's Ron's son) likely will move him up the chain quickly. His confidence is growing, and Wolf likely will ascend within the Packers' ranks as others leave.

DL coach Mike Trgovac: A former defensive coordinator in Carolina who likely is best as a positional coach, per insiders, but could earn some interviews based on his track record.

Secondary/safeties coach Darren Perry: Another candidate for the Eagles' defensive coordinator job, Perry has done a nice job the past few seasons with Nick Collins(notes) and Morgan Burnett(notes) and has experience working with Dick LeBeau and Dom Capers, which is attractive to prospective employers.

Secondary/CB coach Joe Whitt Jr.: Has been compared to a young Mike Tomlin in that he played wide receiver in college but has become a bright, young defensive coach. Also enjoys the scouting process and has worked wonders with undrafted CBs Tramon Williams(notes) and Sam Shields(notes). Could rise quickly.

 Who else do you think he missed as someone that could see some attention? I don't think Whitt will be gone too soon as our secondary seems to have taken a step back this year. I think Darren Perry might get some more attention though...he's helped Burnett and Peprah make great strides in the last year or so!


* - I linked to the yahoo version because I find PFW's site annoying because they have videos that automatically start playing and making noise which makes them unfriendly for work!

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