A Post Rivalry Match-up Look at the Big Picture in the NFC

One of the great truisms about being a Packer fan is that the week is so much better after a Packer win.  More so when that win is over a biter rival.  Even more so when we essentially curb stomp the team.  It's extra darn sweet when it's the second blow out in two years on said team.  But enough about the Lions!  Wait....that was the Vikings we were playing?  Holy $*^*(^!! What the hell happened to that team?

But enough about kicking Viking fans in the teeth, let's move on and kick a bunch of other team franchises in the teeth while we look at how the playoff picture is shaping up.  I'll try and make more of these posts down the stretch as the playoff picture changes weekly and more teams die off, but you know that life thing gets more hectic as the holidays approach so we'll see.

As always there are three categories that the teams are sorted into.  This week I'm going with a boxer theme in light of the passing of legendary Joe Frazier, but it will be the contenders, those still fighting, and the guys who are just done.

The Evander Holyfield "Real Deal" class

1. The Packers.  Try to show me a better team.  I dare you.

2. The 49ers.  I have nothing against this team but I am finding that I have little patience for fans of teams with a tough defense and good running game that think their team will be our kryptonite.  Right now the Niners and their fans fill that role.

3. The Saints.  Still in my opinion the second best team in the NFC no matter what the records might say.  Sorry Niner fan it's an offensive and QB driven league and you are using a playbook a decade too late.

4. The Giants.  This team goes as far as Eli Manning can take them.  If he plays well then they might even take down the Packers.  If he gets pick happy then they might not make the playoffs.

5. The Bears.  They are starting to look a lot like last year's Bears team that made a deep playoff run.  The problem for Bear fan?  They are looking like the Bear team that really couldn't handle the Packers last year either.

6.  The Lions.  Awhile ago a Lion fan swung around to talk some trash and this guy had a habit of dropping in with his warped interpretation of the Packers and then leaving with no response.  At that point I instituted my personal rule with the Lions and their fans this year: brag all you want....when you reach seven wins.  You know what Lion fan?  I'm still waiting for you to hit that mark.

The Little Mac punchers chance club

1. The Cowboys.  Congrats 'Boys, you started to put the nail in the coffin of the Bills.  Heck, you even found a new dimension to your offense and might be able to make a playoff push.  Good for you.  You are still behind the eight ball and not really comparing with any of the teams above besides the Giants....when the Giants are playing poorly.

2. The Falcons.  The first time I did this I left them for dead.  Then they won some big games and I thought they were down but not out.  Now after a key loss things are looking bleak.  They have to step it up and hope the Bears fall off if they want to get in.

3.  The Buccaneers.  If you thought the Cowboys and Falcons were teams with a razor thin margin of error wait till we round out the rest of the teams.  Really if (probably when) the Packers win next week this team will be put out of its misery, which will be nice after the last two games where they looked terrible.

4.  The Eagles.  They aren't dead yet, but they should be.  Really one more loss and its done and it's only a matter of time before it comes.  Until then though they can stay alive another week....who knows maybe Andy Reid sells his soul and they find a way into the playoffs after all.

The Glass Joe loveable losers

The Redskins, the Vikings, the Panthers, everyone in the NFC West not named the 49ers.

So who is looking like the contenders for the Packers?  

Well, I guess the 49ers.  The only way that the Niners really challenge the Packers at this point though is if Rodgers has terrible day and the Packers are held to points in the mid-twenties.

The Giants also are interesting to me at the moment.  The main reason why is because the Packers right now are reminding me an awful lot of the 2007 Packers or Patriots with their high powered pass attack and defense that is able to bend but not break...especially while the offense is running up points.  Well this year's Giants are playing a lot like the 2007 Giants who happened to beat both of those teams when it really counted.  It all relies on 2011 Eli playing like 2007 playoff Eli.

Last, but not least, the Saints.  They have the offense that can go toe for toe with the Packers.  Let's see how it can run in the snow and cold.

As for the Bears and the Lions.  The thing with both of these teams is that they are driven by their defense and the Packers have enough offense to overcome those defenses.  The Lions rely on their pass pressure and the Bears need you to turn it over.  Well Rodgers is mobile and can throw it better than anyone so I'll take my chances with the Lions and the Packers don't turn it over too much for the Bears to be a big concern.

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