Skip Bayless: Rodgers "thin skinned, spoiled rotten"

ARodg playing at supremely high level right now. But believe he's getting thin-skinned, spoiled rotten by so many already saying ARodg>Brady -Skip Bayless via Twitter

And why, when the Packers are 9-0 and Rodgers is putting together one of the best statistical seasons of all time, would Skip Bayless stoop to such a level? Here's what Rodgers said about Skip on ESPN 540:

"I just think it just goes to the point that you can’t take a whole lot of what those people say too personally because they’re shock experts on ESPN and NFL Network. A lot of them are just going for the shock value of what they’re saying, as is typified by that guy on ESPN, I don’t want to even say his name. He works for "First Take."
"All he does is say things that are so ridiculous just for the shock value. So everybody who was saying stuff about our team this offseason about not getting together for workouts, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about that. The different people who said stuff about whatever player they are talking about over the years, I think sometimes people forget about the human element to our story."
"We take stuff personally at times. We get upset if somebody says something real negative about us, but more than that, our families do, our friends do, and they feel like they need to tell you. So, I think that stuff just reminds you that you can’t take yourself too seriously, and you can’t take the pundits too seriously." "I don’t even want to give him the satisfaction of me going on that show and schooling him," Rodgers said. "Without a doubt I think I would. There’s just not a whole lot of desire for that." -ESPN Milwaukee


How does Skip Bayless respond to Aaron Rodgers comments? By calling out Rodgers clutch ability...pointing to Brady's lack of defense and weapons...and calling him spoiled. Again via Twitter:


Brady doesn't have ARodg's weapons, GB's D. Yet Brady great late vs. Dallas, NYG & in 2nd half vs. nemesis Jets. Can ARodg be clutch late?
At least let's wait till ARodg plays at Det, at NYG, faces a hot Bears D in Lambeau. How does he respond to adversity? Maybe we'll find out. -Skip Bayless via Twitter


I'd like to respond to Skip Bayless with two items:

1) Skip Bayless, you are a complete idiot. I hope you feel proud that you earn a living with angry expressions, shooting down others and acting in a generally demeaning fashion on national TV.

2) Skip Bayless, THANK YOU! The chances of the Packers achieving 16-0, heading to Indianapolis and hoisting back to back Lombardi Trophies just doubled. Aaron Rodgers will take this personally and use it as motivation to absolutely demoralize his opponents. When he looks up at the scoreboard after another 4 TD performance, know that he pictures your ugly mug, Skip Bayless, and laughs.


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