Return of the APC Pick 'Em Contest - Week 12


All right, kids - this is it.  Shake what your mama gave ya and show us what you got.  We're out of bye week nonsense, so this will be a 96-game test of picking mettle.  I'll spice it up and say that whoever gets closest to 96 correct picks will receive a $25 gift card to the Packer Pro Shop.  Can't lose, right?  My junk after the jump.

No, not really my junk - I'm not Favre.  Hell, the camera on my phone barely works.  My picks:

Packers over Lions: Yeah, I'm a homer.

Cowboys over Dolphins: The Dolphins are a bit of a mystery right now, but I don't see them beating the 'Boys on T'giving.

Ravens over 49ers: Too much defense - I don't care how resurgent Alex Smith has been.  Wait - can someone be "resurgent" if they've never surged in the first place?

Jets over Bills: The way the Bills are playing right now, I'd take Seattle over 'em.

Bengals over Browns: Cinci's trying to stay in the playoff hunt, while Cleveland...isn't

Falcons over Vikings: This one could have been closer than you'd think, but Peterson's injury is not a pretty one.  I expect him to be ineffective even if he does play.

Texans over Jaguars: Sure, Schaub is out, but y'know - Jags.

Rams over Cardinals: This game will be broadcast to approximately 20 homes in the Phoenix and St. Louis metro areas.  

Titans over Buccaneers: Take the points here - I'm picking Tennessee in a squeaker.

Panthers over Colts: The Colts may win a game this year, but this is not that game.

Seahawks over Redskins: Yeah, I'll take the kinda tough home team over the choke artists.  I'm weird like that.

Bears over Raiders: Oakland's going to try to get after Hanie, but I think it'll be a steady dose of Forte all day.  Bears D and ST win this one.

Patriots over Eagles: No one smells blood in the water better than Belichick.  The Dream ends on Sunday.

Chargers over Broncos: I flipped a coin for this one, but it landed on its edge.  Then I remembered TEBOW4MVP and had to drink until that was gone.  So, yeah - Chargers get off the schneid.

Steelers over Chiefs: And it won't even be close.

Saints over Giants: Another tough one for me to call, but I like Drew Brees in primetime at home more than I like Eli Manning.  Hell, I like week-old sushi more than I like Eli Manning, but I still think the Saints win in a shootout.

So make your picks - justify 'em if you want, but get 'em in before 11AM Central time on Thursday.  There's no such thing as a tie-breaker this week.  Again, this is a six-week race to see who can get closest to 96 picks right.


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