Ask wibrownguy Whatever Crazy Crap You Want Open Thread

So on OT #25, a few people mentioned that there have previously been some "Ask whomever" threads where members volunteered to answer whatever questions others would like to throw at them.  I regret that I missed those threads, because they sound like a lot of fun.  I'm not sure if I wasn't a member of APC yet, or if I was just MIA for awhile.

Since I am not familiar with the earlier threads, I don't know what their primary purpose was.  Perhaps to get to know individual members of APC better?  To try and stump them with random trivia?  Another venue for our usual silliness?  I'm guessing that it was a combination of all three.  When I heard about the threads, in my mind I pictured something similar to the "Ask Al Archives" on Weird Al's site, which I really enjoyed.

I figured there's no time like the present to have the experience for myself, so I present you with the "Ask wibrownguy Whatever Crazy Crap You Want Open Thread."  I've been a member of APC for just over a year now, and even though I just celebrated my 1000th comment, I feel like there are a lot of members here with whom I've yet to have much interaction.  I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have about me, or about anything else.  You already know I'm a Weird Al fan, so there's your first teaser bit of information!

Of course, there are some limitations to what questions I am willing to answer.  Please keep the following rules in mind when asking your questions:

1.       Do not ask me about my political beliefs or affiliation

2.       Do not ask me about my religious beliefs

3.       Do not ask me about my stances on controversial subjects

4.       Do not ask me for my social security number

5.       Do not ask me to solve a quadratic equation

6.       Do not ask me to cosign on a loan with you

7.       Do not ask me to help you move next weekend

8.       Do not ask me to water your plants while you're on vacation

I've been around here long enough to know you're all a very smart bunch, so I'm sure you can figure out where the line of demarcation is between the serious rules and the silly rules.  But seriously, if you just keep in mind the rules that OBSIMH lists for the open threads, I think we'll be fine.  I'm not anticipating any problems.

With that, I'll be happy to take your questions.  If a few people could give this some recs so that others are aware of the thread I'd appreciate it, because I'm looking forward to this!

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