Some Crazy Aaron Rodgers Stats

Aaron Rodgers is a beast, bro. Skip Bayless can say whatever he likes, but Rodgers is truly having one of the greatest seasons ever by a QB, if not the greatest (Yes, 2007 Tom Brady, I'm looking at you, now imagine what would have happened if you DIDN'T have five seconds to throw every pass).

But just to have some fun, here's some cool stats about Rodgers 2011 campaign.

Rodgers has passed 360 times this year, and has completed 260 passes. But wait a second, there's more. Rodgers has had 26 passes dropped by his receivers, 11 throw aways, and a spike. That's 38 plays that can be thrown away. So Rodgers is really 260/322 for a completion percentage of 81.9%. YIKES! Using the same formula, Drew Brees is in second place with a 77.5% completion percentage, which is also very good. The next closest is 72.5%, shared by a few QBs.

Rodgers is 9th in the league in passing attempts, yet he leads the league in yards. Rodgers is averaging about 9.6 yards per pass right now, which is absolutely unreal. 2nd place? Tom Brady, at 8.4 yards per attempt.

Rodgers has 33 touchdowns, to only 4 interceptions. About an 8:1 ratio of touchdown to interception. Not to mention, two of those interceptions were tips.

Quarterback Rating? Rodgers leads all quarterbacks with 128.1. Second place? Miles and miles away, with Brees and Brady barely topping 100.

BUT RODGERS HAS BEST RECEIVERS IN GAME AND HIS STATS RUN UP BECAUSE THEY RUN AFTER THE CATCH!! No, actually, Rodgers leads the league in passing yards MINUS yards after the catch, with 1880.

Passes over 20 yards? Rodgers also leads the league in this category, going 24 for 43, with four drops, for a total of 962 yards. Cam Newton comes in second place, only problem is, he's gone 26 for 63, which is 20 more throws than Rodgers has made, yet he's about one hundred yards behind him, at 866.

Also, on passes over 20 yards, Rodgers has ten touchdowns to one interception.

Against the Lions on Thanksgiving, Rodgers was 21/32 for 2 touchdowns. However, five drops by the wide receivers marred the stats. Rodgers also had a throw away. Call it crazy, but Rodgers said after the game that he wasn't satisfied with his performance. Yet, according to those stats, he only had FIVE off target throws on the day. Five. Every other pass either hit his receiver in the hands, or was the lone throwaway. That type of attitude is the reason why Rodgers is playing so good: He simply is not satisfied.

Uhhhh... QBR? Well, Rodgers leads that too. With an 85.6 average for the year. Unfortunately, he was only awarded 0.8 clutch points by ESPN [For some reason, Eli Manning was awarded 1.2 clutch points]. Measuring clutchness? Well...... Here's an even better comparison..... Rodgers, whose Packers won in Atlanta, completed 26 of 39 passes for 396 yards and two touchdowns.  His Total QBR was 82.1. And Tebow, whose Broncos lost to the Chargers, completed four of 10 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown.  He also ran the ball six times for 38 yards and a touchdown.  His Total QBR was 83.2. [SEEMS LEGIT.....]

[note: I watched every single game and counted each individual snap by Rodgers.]

[note: Just kidding. Credit goes to Pro Football Focus for the stats.]

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