Ndamukong Suh and His Anger Issues

Well, I'm sure that every Packer fan who watched the game on Thanksgiving saw the stomp made by the leagues dirtiest player, on Packers backup Evan Dietrech-Smith (If you live under a rock, here is the LINK. )

Here's some comments made by Packer players after the game...

That's bullshit," Packers left guard T.J. Lang said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "He clearly had Evan by the face mask pinned to the ground. His explanation is crap. There's no room for that. It's a dumb penalty. He hurt his own team today."

Packers coaches told players all week to be prepared for dirty play from the Lions, specifically along the defensive line that Suh anchors. Suh has been flagged for seven personal fouls since 2010, tied for the most of any player in the league.

The Packers showed great restraint immediately following Suh's antics, keeping their poise in a way Suh could not. That didn't mean they were pleased with the controversial defender, however.

"He was lucky I wasn't on the field," tight end Andrew Quarless said. "Lucky. I'm a New York guy. I don't go for that stuff. It was very unnecessary. I can understand you might get in a scuffle, but you never stomp on a guy. That's like hitting a guy when he's down. You don't do things like that. I was this close to running on the field."

"I'm not surprised," he said. "He's been getting dumb penalties all year. That's something we talked about all week. They were probably going to do something stupid along the way. They've done it almost every game."

The Lions certainly reinforced their reputation for being an undisciplined team on Thursday. This doesn't reflect well on coach Jim Schwartz or Suh, who seems unaware of the responsibilities that go along with being a face of your franchise.

(lol, Andrew Quarless...)

Deserving of a huge fine and a multi-game suspension, Suh has given a new definition to the term 'dirty player'. If I was the comissioner, I would take some of these plays into consideration when giving his suspension....


Jay Cutler gets his helmet ripped off. 

Well, that play speaks for a lot. Down by three scores, Suh decides to let out his anger, and rip off Cutler's helmet for no apparent reason.

Ndamukong Suh throws a punch, yet doesn't get flagged.

Oh, Lions fans trying to make excuses for Woodson throwing a punch? Well, so did Suh, except Suh had accuracy issues and completely missed the player he was trying to punch (Logan Mankins). Still shoves him after the play, not to mention a cheap late hit on Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Ndamukong Suh calls the Falcons dirty, yet mocks Ryan when injured, saying 'Get the cart.'

Self explanatory. Unacceptable.

Ndamukong Suh facemasks Jake Delohme, then slams him into the ground.

Perhaps the dirtiest of all, Suh attempts to kill poor Delohme, then slams him into a ground like a ragdoll.

Ndamukong Suh's punch to Cutler's Head

Poor Jay Cutler, as he gets shoved to the ground by the back of the head by Suh. I'll admit, this one is more questionable than the others, but it still appears to be a punch, and he gets flagged and fined for it.

Ndamukong Suh's beheading of Andy Dalton (Term taken from OBSIMH)

Suh rips off Dalton's helmet, slams him down, holds him on the ground while trash talking him, then gets up like nothing happens.

Ndamukong Suh rips Ryan's facemask, knocks over Atlanta player after whistle.

Suh comes around, and misses Matt Ryan's body so he elects to yank the facemask instead. He then knocks over and Atlanta player trying to get him away from his quarterback.

Well, there's seven plays right there that speak volumes on Suh, and the type of player he is. Not to mention, he's been in the league for a year and a half, yet he already has a dirty reputation [and rightfully so.] The fact that he constantly denies being dirty, and makes dumbass excuses for his play are revolting. The man deserves a long suspension, and there's just no place for a player like Suh in the National Football League.

[PS: Don't compare Woodson to Suh. Just, don't do it.]

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