APC Pick 'Em Blitz Contest - Week 13

One week in the books, and our leader is vitaminx, who only messed up Seattle and Tampa Bay.  We are now all staring at your shapely behind, but there will be no resting on laurels (or hardys), as the worst entries still managed to hit double digits. Standings and my picks after the jump.

Username		Week 12 Points
vitaminx		14
mike_o			13
airfigaro		13
P-Townfan		13
tcorzine		13
msc32887		13
uofmike			13
Clutch16		12
Tarynfor12		12
Chief Oshkosh		12
Charlie Kelly		12
Jabooty			12
king.nothing		12
tmoneyttime1		12
Wiedmann		12
RaY210			11
packallday555		11
power296		11
Bezerkers		11

Rules: Pick winners for Week 13 in this thread.  Do it before 7PM Central on Thursday.  Each correct pick earns you a point.  Most points at the end of Week 17 wins.  Winner get a $25 Gift Card for the Packers Pro Shop, redeemable in person or online.  Simple, right?

Clutch16's Picks of Magnificience:

Eagles over Seahawks: Umm, their teams are named after birds and they both suck.  Not the birds - the teams.

Jets over Redskins: Somehow, the Jets are still in the playoff hunt.  The 'Skins are not.

Bears over Chiefs: Battle of the Backups as Kyle Orton returns to Chicago to face Caleb Hanie.  Or maybe it will be the awesomeness that is Tyler Palko, who stunk like week-old chicken scraps against New England.  Either way, the Chiefs lose.

Bills over Titans: Buffalo showed some signs of life last week, oddly enough.  Tennessee looked like crap in the rain versus Tampa Bay.  In Buffalo, so the advantage goes to the Bills.

Raiders over Dolphins: I expect a field goal fest.  Nothing but glorious, glorious field goals, all game long!  It will be...boring as hell.  Take the under.

Steelers over Bengals: Only because it's in Pittsburgh.  Both of these teams looked like hot garbage last week.

Falcons over Texans: This is where Houston starts feeling the loss of Matt Schaub.  Three weeks ago, I'd have gone the other way with this pick.

Broncos over Vikings: TEBOW4MVP

Buccaneers over Panthers:  I'm on the fence with this one.  If it were Week 6, I'd be all about Cam Newton being the difference-maker, but there's too much tape on him now.

Patriots over Colts: Marquee matchup, everybody!  Does it get any better than Brady vers...oh, what's that?  It's 2011 now? Oh.  Ohhhhh.  Yeah.

Ravens over BrownsCome and look at both of our buildings!

Packers over Giants: I was hoping for a blow-out on MNF, and I got one.  Thanks for showing us how weak their secondary is, Drew!

Cowboys over Cardinals: I get the feeling that this will be closer than the Cowboys want it to be.  Dunno why.


Saints over Lions: Because I watched both teams last week.

Chargers over Jaguars: Because Jacksonville, that's why.  This is the crap I have to watch on Monday night?  Call your broker and tell him you want to put your life savings in DEO.

So pick!  Do it!  Now!

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