APC Pick Em Thread: Week 9

Thanks to sheehan for reminding me about this. Sorry its up so late!

Remember, anyone can pick. The more, the merrier!

Include the name of the team you want to win in the SUBJECT LINE of the comment.

And please, try to keep the picks in the same order as I do, it helps a ton with putting together the spreadsheet.

Here's the Week 8 Results:



Click that link for a clearer picture ^

Anyways, we now have a two way tie atop the APC Community, with packallday555 and LombardiBackToGB in the lead. Both have twenty correct picks.

Leaders for week 8 were Chief Oskinosh, Vermont Cubs Fan, LombardiBackToGB, and SlowJoe445. Each had 11 correct picks apiece.

Not one APC member picked the STL-NO game right. I was the only one who picked the Dolphins. (Hey, I was nearly right)

Picks after the jump!

Jets @ Buffalo

arodgb's pick: Buffalo

Mark Sanchez will have his hands full, as will the Jets run D with Fred Jackson.

Seattle @ Dallas

arodgb's pick: Dallas

Hey, Seattle has looked terrible this year. Possibly the worst game on tap for the NFL this weekend.

Cleveland @ Houston

arodgb's pick: Houston

Two teams that I don't really care about face off. Since the Texans have a little more offensive firepower, I'll pick them.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis

arodgb's pick: Atlanta

Atlanta has looked pretty good the last few outings. Once Julio Jones comes along, the Falcons offense should be deadly. Indy looks terrible. 

Miami @ Kansas City

arodgb's pick: Kansas City

Wow, KC has really shown some character this year. Losing Berry and Charles really screwed them over, yet somehow they've scrounged up three  [four] wins, and could very well be leading the division once the weekend is over. Miami looks Indy-terrible.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

arodgb's pick: New Orleans

New Orleans is a different team in the dome. Plus, they'll be looking for revenge. And looking to make up for that awful loss last week. Tampa Bay has an improving quarterback and a young defense, so don't count them out, but I see this one being all Saints.

San Fransisco @ Washington

arodgb's pick: San Fransisco

With San Fransisco apparently 'elite', now, they should handle this game with ease. Grossman or Beck? Doesn't matter, THEY BOTH SUCK.

Denver @ Oakland

arodgb's pick: Denver

Since Tebow beat Miami, a team that employs man coverage, ESPN claims he is a master at picking apart man coverage (That's why he struggled so much against the zone defense of DET). Oakland plays man. They stand no chance.

Cincinnati @ Tennessee

arodgb's pick: Cinncinatti

See, if I was into AFC football, I might actually be interested in this match-up. But I'm not, and I don't really care who wins it. Andy Dalton keeps up his consistent play, Cincinnati's D-line kills Chris Johnson and Javon Ringer, and the Bengals go to 5-2. #lolAFC

St. Louis @ Arizona

arodgb's pick: St. Louis

Riding high off their stunning victory against NO, the Rams win two straight. Getting Steven Jackson back made a world of difference in this offense, and Arizona has been gashed in the running game all year.

New York Giants @ New England

arodgb's pick: New York Giants

The Giants front four scares me. Really, they could pose a big problem for the Pack when we face them in a month. Tom Brady, when outside the pocket, looks uncomfortable. I like the Giants in an upset.

Green Bay @ San Diego

arodgb's pick: Green Bay

Well, no matter how many dumb picks I make, I know I'm guaranteed at least one win a week.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

arodgb's pick: Baltimore

The Ravens will repeat their week 1 performance, and smash the Steelers. Pittsburgh is without a couple key linebackers, and losing experienced vets hurts in games like these.

Chicago @ Phillidelphia

arodgb's pick: Phillidelphia

Talk about a great, yet terrible Monday Night matchup. I hate both of these teams. The Eagles are finding their mojo, and Chicago is coming of its bye after smashing Minnesota a couple weeks ago. Eagles in a close one.

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