How the Pass Defense Compares to every QB

I put together a spreadsheet comparing the Packers passing defense ranks in comparison to all the quarterbacks that started the season.  In some cases, like Indy, Miami, Denver, Minnesota, and Washington I just compiled all their QB's stats to not skew the data too much.  I could have done the same for Oakland, but Campbell was by far and away better than anything they've had since then so I just left him there.  I manually typed the stats in from ESPN so if there is something wrong, and there probably is (the spreadsheet already switched a bunch of data, so it might have done it again), let me know.

You can see the whole spreadsheet, here.  I don't know how to insert it in a post.

I was a little curious how the Packers defense would rank if they were a QB in the NFL right now, so all these ranks are as if the pass defense was actually a QB and this doesn't include the Bears, Eagles game to be played tonight.

*Note, since the Pass D is being counted as a QB, there are 33 teams in this case.  In most cases the higher the number, the better.

The Packers D would have the:

4th most pass attempts

7th most completions

22nd best completion percentage

6th most yards

12th in yards per attmept

5th most TDs

33rd in interceptions (which is great in this case)

22nd in sacks

21st in QB rating

3rd in pass attempts per game

8th in pass attempts per touchdown

33rd in attempts per interception (again, that's great in this case)

15th in attempts per sack


You can argue that these two things, pass defense vs being a QB, really have nothing to do with each other and I'd be fine with that.  But I think there's something to be said about the numbers here.

It really confirms what a lot of people on here already believe.  The Packers are being passed on a ton, giving up a ton of yards, and giving up touchdowns while not getting as many sacks as we'd hope (although that number isn't terrible).  The team is also intercepting the ball at a fantastic rate.


I think the telling thing about this is that none of these stats are really that bad, other than the TDs and TD/attempt.  Even the attempts per sack is right in the middle of the pack.  Although I think the bigger problem is getting constant pressure, not getting sacks.  The other thing that stood out to me is that while teams are passing on the Packers a ton, their completion percentage and QB rating is actually pretty bad.


All-in-all this means nothing.  But I think it shows that the defense hasn't been as terrible as people think, it's just not the elite unit that most of us had hoped.  Oh yeah, it also shows that Rodgers if a freaking beast!

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