Update on Perfection. '11 Rodgers vs '07 Brady

A few weeks ago, I started comparing the perfect QB seasons of 2007 Brady and 2011 Packers. My computer got a virus, so I haven't been able to update it every week like I'd intended. So now that it's fixed, here we go again. For those who didn't see the first few weeks, I added rushing stats and sack stats to QB ratings, since they tell another part of the story, as well as fumbles and rushing td's which tell nothing about QB rating. so here we go. Through 13 Games

07 Brady

334 Completions

486 Attempts

4095 (passing) + 82 (rushing) - 101 (sacks)--- 4076 Total Yards

45 (passing) + 2 (rushing --- 47 Total TDs

5 (Int) + 3 (Fumb)--- 8 Total TO's

68.7% comp %

8.38 Yards per attempt

9.67 TD%

1.64 INT %

119.676 Total QB Rating.

---note--- his total yards is actually less because of his inability to move around the pocket with the ball. This is Rodgers' crucial advantage.

11 Rodgers (parentheses indicate immediate comparison with Brady)

305 Completions (-29 completions)

438 Attempts (-48 Attempts)

4125 (passing) + 207 (rushing) - 197 (sacks)--- 4135 Total Yards (+59 Total Yards)

39 (passing) + 2 (rushing --- 41 Total TDs (-6 Touchdowns)

6 (Int) + 0 (Fumb)--- 6 Total TO's (-2 Turnovers)

69.3% comp % (+ 0.6%)

9.44 Yards per attempt (+1.06)

9.36 TD% (- 0.31%)

1.37 INT % (- 0.27%)

124.943 Total QB Rating. (+5.267)

---note--- Rodgers gains yards despite getting sackd for nearly 100 more yards for a loss.

So what does this tell us? Simply put, Rodgers does more with the opportunities that he has had on the field. If my memory serves me properly, Brady did not leave many games in the 3rd quarter, whereas Rodgers has been yanked. Billicek also had no problem running up scores on people, while McCarthy doesn't throw the ball up 20 with 2 minutes left in the game. Rodgers also has more quick strick capability than Brady had. Sure, Brady had Moss, but that was his only threat to take it deep at any given point, whereas the Packers have a variety of people who can take a 5 yard slant and take it as far as is needed. The end result is that Rodgers has 29 less completions and 48 less passes. That is close to a game and a half of attempts that Rodgers does not have.

Brady, however, is more productive in scoring TDs. Even with the added attempts, it is unlikely that Rodgers acores 6 touchdowns in 6 quarters. Possible, yes, unlikely, not. Even given the more touches, Rodgers is beyond Brady in Yardage, and nothing looks to stop him on that count.

Looking forward, Brady struggles over the last few games. He averages only 230 yards per game, while only getting 5 touchdowns and suffering 4 turnovers. He will end up with 4776 total yards (net 30 loss given 98 rushing yards and 128 sack yards)

Rodgers looks to be aiming at the rarified air of 5000 yards. While unlikely that he will catch up to Drew Brees and Tom Brady, whose 4300 yards will take a Herculean effort to surpass, Rodgers should be able to pass the 5000 yard marker. However, if Rodgers did play the time he was benched, he would be much higher than either Brees or Brady.

This is however, the comparison of the two perfect seasons and the shotcallers for those teams. It is apparent to me that if McCarthy was an ass and chose to run up the score, Rodgers would be simply blowing Brady out of the water.

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