APC Pick 'Em Blitz Contest - Week 15

And we're at the halfway point of the contest, with two co-leaders: uofmike and Tarynfor12, each with 38 points based on strong entries last week (14 of 16 right). Nobody's been able to crack 15 yet, but that's bound to change this week, right? Full standings, rules, and my picks after the jump.

The Standings: We're not quite to the spot where people can be mathematically eliminated yet, but we are almost at the point where no new entrants can challenge for the overall win. Feel free to jump in, if only to show how awesome you are at picking end-of-season games when nobody knows who will start any given game, but just know that you probably won't catch up to most of these folks:

Username	Wk12	Wk13	Wk14	Total
uofmike 13 11 14 38
Tarynfor12 12 12 14 38
mike_o 13 11 13 37
Charlie Kelly 12 12 13 37
tcorzine 13 11 12 36
tmoneyttime1 12 12 12 36
Chief Oshkosh 12 10 13 35
REV MARK 12 9 13 34
P-Townfan 13 9 11 33
Clutch16 12 9 12 33
Wiedmann 12 9 12 33
Bezerkers 11 11 10 32
RaY210 11 9 12 32
packallday555 11 9 11 31
power296 11 8 12 31
king.nothing 12 9 9 30
AdamA 0 10 13 23
vitaminx 14 0 0 14
airfigaro 13 0 0 13
msc32887 13 0 0 13
Jabooty 12 0 0 12
hawks61 0 0 10 10

The Rules: This is a winner-take-all six week picking contest. It's very simple - every week, you pick the winners for each NFL game played that week. Once you've made your choices, post them in this thread and sit back, relax, and watch the games. Each game picked correctly nets you a point, and whoever has the most overall points at the end of Week 16 gets a $25 gift card for the Packers Pro Shop.

Administrivia: As usual, I ask that two users rec this post to keep it around the Recommended Fanposts section for the week. If you are one of the awesome folks who rec'd the last post, could you go back and unrec it so it falls off the front page? Thanks.

Clutch16's Picks of Stupefying Majesty:

ATLANTA over Jacksonville: The Jags pounced on a bewilderingly bad performance by the Bucs, but Atlanta's at home, and Jacksonville's not that good.

Dallas over TAMPA BAY: It took the third-best team in the NFC all 60 minutes to beat the Cowboys, and now they need to keep pace. The Bucs just looked lost out there. Could Raheem Morris go from phenom to unemployed in less than a season?

Cincinnati over ST. LOUIS: If the Rams thought the pounding Bradford got from Seattle was bad, they ain't seen nothin' yet.

BUFFALO over Miami: New coach bounce? Not this time - a division game at a team that's fallen from grace? A team from Miami playing in Buffalo in December? And WTF is a Bill?

Tennessee over INDIANAPOLIS: We're almost to the point where the Colts can sneak out a win, but the Titans are holding on to slim hopes for a playoff spot. I swore I wouldn't pick the Colts to go 0-16, but their schedule's not helping.

NEW YORK GIANTS over Washington: Yeah, they're hot right now. And the 'Skins are...not hot.

New Orleans over MINNESOTA: The Vikes are gonna stick with Ponder? May as well - this season's in the toilet anyway.

Green Bay over KANSAS CITY: Maybe we can play Sherrod and Newhouse at LT? Co-LT? ILT and OLT? Ah, crap - Tamba Hali is gonna have a lot of fun over there, isn't he? Oh, and will we get STANZIBALL?

HOUSTON over Carolina: Still jockeying for seeding here, and the Texans have a shot at a bye week at least.

CHICAGO over Seattle: Talk about your pick 'ems here. I think the turf-monster and Urlacher can contain Lynch, but this is gonna be an ugly, ugly air game.

Detroit over OAKLAND: I'm setting the Over/Under on total penalties at 30.

PHILADELPHIA over New York Jets: The Jets currently hold the 6th spot for the AFC playoffs, so Philly has the chance to both play spoiler at home and try to keep Reid in a job. I say they do the first, but I'm not sure anything can make the second happen.

ARIZONA over Cleveland: The Cardinals are surging, and I don't see that stopping this week. WTF is a Brown, anyway? Some weird-ass team names in the AFC.

And that's it!, crap - I gotta pick these last three? Dammit!

New England over DENVER: Pretty sure that Tebow Time doesn't work when they're down by three scores.

Baltimore over SAN DIEGO: The Ravens try to keep pace with Houston for the top spot in the AFC, and I think they make it, although the battles when they're on D should make this an enjoyable game to watch.

SAN FRANCISCO over Pittsburgh: The 9ers ain't the Browns, and they can actually pressure a gimpy Ben. Everybody was all "Finally! A MNF game worth watching!" BS, I say - plenty of memes in Open Thread during the second half.

What say you?

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