The Offseason Locusts: Which Coaches Will Go?

It's been a busy week in the NFL. Not just one, but two coaches were fired and now their teams go into battle with an interim head coach. It's never a pretty sight to see, but it's one that seems to happen many a year and is part of the life of the NFL. These recently fired coaches are alone. There are sure to be more head coaches losing their job at the end of the year and this week has brought news of who might be out a job if things continue. Last time we Packers fans saw this was 2005 with the dead man walking routine of Mike Sherman and Jim Bates interviewing for the job as the defense seemed to be the only part of the team motivated. But I digress....

The coaching carousel is an interesting reality of the NFL. Since the NFL is a pretty small world most of these guys tend to shuffle around and go from one stop to another. Sure some of the bigger name guys drift into TV Land with cushy jobs, but really an old head coach ends up as a coordinator, a promising coordinator ends up as a head coach in a different place and cycle goes on and on.

The other half of the recycling process is that as sure as bad teams fire coaches to turn things around; good teams will lose good coaches who wish to move up the ladder. Last year we were lucky. The Lockout made teams conservative and gun shy when firing guys and pretty conservative when hiring new coaches. Many of the new coaches had either held that interim title (like Fraizer or Garret) or were pretty hot names for a couple years (Jim Harbaugh).

This offseason will be different though and I see a storm of locusts on the horizon. This swarm of needy teams is going to come through our front office, coaching staff, and maybe even roster to try and pick clean all the promise and winning ways that the Packers have built over the last couple years. The major question is who is going to go and who will we be left with when the storm has passed?

I'm sure you have seen this in all the various ask a Packer fan sections. I really started seeing it the week of the Charger week. There have been plenty of excited voices over there still petitioning for Joe Philbin. This has continued week through week and I expect it to continue as we hear of jobs opening up and some of our guys as candidates.

My question for you is who do you think will go? What sorts of landing spots do you think they will land?

These are the questions I can't quite wrap my head around yet. Admittedly it's a bit early to really tell. Once the season ends and the pink slips start flying does it become clearer to see these sorts of things. However there is another irony that I see stalling an aggressive push by teams to pick clean our staff. Specifically how we've won most of our games this year.

Forget 2010 for a moment and let's just think through this year. Right now the big hub bub about the Packers is just how good the offense is and how bad the defense is. With that in mind it's tough to see a big rush to hire away our defensive assistants, although last year that might of been the case. Working with this is the fact that I'm not sure how many teams are as WCO centric as the Packers are right now. I know the WCO is one of the three major offenses in the league, but I don't know how many are really using the concepts and language of it. I seem to be running into more and more Erhardt offenses who are following the Patriots playbook or Air Coryell offenses lately. Those teams that are running WCO seem to be fairly content with their offensive staff as well.

So where does that leave the Packers?

Well, this might be the year Winston Moss leaves. He's had some interviews and as Desmond Bishop broke out last year and D.J. Smith and Robert Francois are having some big games right now he could be a hot name again. Dom Capers might get an opportunity, but more and more teams want to go young lately. Philben and Tom Clements have gotten an extra amount of love as well from fans who want to see their QB play improve.

All this said I come back to you APC. Who do you think goes? Will there be an offensive exodus? Or do you see a majority of the staff sticking by again?

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