APC Open Thread #28: I'm gonna go to the Special Hell

Some people can't keep up with a blog. I swear...

*ahem* - is IS THIs thing on? Crap, yeah, I guess it is. Anyway, football fans, welcome to the 28th edition of the APCOT. Feel free to make yourself at home. Many thanks to Brandon for allowing this silliness.

There are other Open Threads around SBN. Feel free to drop by any of them.

Battle Red Blog, home of the AFC South Eternal Threads. Very welcoming group of people, with quite the mix of Colts, Texans, and the occasional Jags fan. Disgust for the Titans is extremely welcome.

Niners Nation, home of the San Francisco 49ers...

Pride of Detroit Community Open Threads. Division Rivals the Detroit Lions may be, BUT their fanbase is a good group of people. Respect them, and they should respect you.

Bleeding Green Nation's OTs.

A bit new to the game, but still there: Revenge of the Birds OTs

Canal Street Chronicles, getting in on the OT action as well

Rules of the thread:




NO NAME-CALLING OTHER POSTERS ON THIS BLOG. There will be other people who stop by this thread. Yes, this is a Packers blog.Please refrain from trolling others, even virulent fans of rival teams. If you want a trash-talk thread (like the one we had in the Super Bowl), OBSIMH promises he can make one.

Absolutely NO SAYING YOU'RE THE FIRST PERSON TO POST, because if you do that shit, you're lame beyond understanding. Go stand outside your neighborhood bar and yell "FIRST!" at everyone walking in and out - report back on how many times you get punched.

Since we've had a little...issue...with people posting NSFW pictures, please keep in mind that some people might well read this thread at work. If you're going to post a picture that might be considered Not Safe For Work in any way, shape, or form, post a link to it instead of embedding it in the comment. That way, nobody gets in trouble. <---OBSIMH is right on this one.. No n*ps, sn*tches, c*cks, or *ssholes, and we're all good. Of course, I'm wondering what "issue" he's ever had, since there hasn't been a truly NSFW pic posted in any of these...

Y'know what? Just don't do it, 'k?

Please remember that any time you spend on the APCOT's is entirely voluntary. Nobody is forcing you to be here.

Except for PPF - we know that he occasionally makes little girls rec his posts. We're completely sorry for that thing he's sticking in your ear. Don't worry, he means no harm.

The only reason this post exists is because the last one fell off the front page. Rec'd Open Thread is rec'd.

With those rules in mind, have fun!

FanPosts are designed to be used to start a conversation on a specific topic, not unlike a front page story. They have a 75-word minimum: If you don't have much to say on a topic, consider using a FanShot.

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