Packers 2012 Draft [Part 1]: Four Prospects of Note

I just thought I'd take a quick look at three of the prospects that are coming out this year. All three would fill an important need for the Packers. They're also in order of rounds.. Kinda like a mock draft, but that's lame and no one would read it if I labeled it 2012 PACKERS MOCK DRAFT... So anyways,\

Quinton Coples [DE/OLB, North Carolina]

6 foot 6, 265 pounds

Coples was once projected as a top five pick in the draft. However, failure to rush the passer this year combined with the extreme drop off in talent on UNC from this year to last has hurt Coples draft stock. Yet, he still remains an intriguing prospect, and could very be the next coming of Clay Matthews. If the Packers somehow end up with an opportunity to draft Coples, they'll have to turn him into a stand up OLB, different from the hands down 5-technique that he would play if he stayed in a 4-3. 6 foot 6 is really big for an OLB, and he could give the Packers a unique player at the OLB spot. Coples stock will likely have to drop significantly to be available at the end of the first round, but it's very possible, kind of like DaQuan Bowers dropped last year.

Jerel Worthy [DE/DT, Michigan State]

6 foot 5, 300 pounds

Worthy would fit the mold of a 3-4 DE, and could possible help replace Jenkins, whose pass rush is sorely missed this year. Worthy isn't exactly a 'playmaker', but he has potential, and could take Mike Neal's spot on the line. Unfortunatly, Worthy isn't regarded as much of a pass rusher, but then again, most 3-4 ends aren't regarded as pass rushers. I'm still confident that Mike Neal will develop into a good DE, but if Worthy is available at 64, TT would no doubt pull the trigger, as he fills BPA and need.

LaMichael James [RB, Oregon]

5 foot 10, 190 pounds

James is a gamebreaker. Simply, a threat to score every time he touches the ball, James is an intriguing prospect who fits the mold of MJD and Darren Sproules, who are both small players who play big roles for their team. Teams will doubt his size, and James's stock will drop as a result, but he could find serious playing time on the Packers, if they opt to not re-sign Ryan Grant. Negatives in James game are mostly with size, and the doubt that he can be a feature back in the NFL. That's OK, because on the Packers, he wouldn't need to be a feature back. [A pipe dream for me: James is my favorite college football player, and the thought of him coming to the Packers makes my mouth water, like seeing Matt Flynn warm up on the side lines].

Brandon Boykin [CB, Georgia]

5 foot 9, 180 pounds

Boykin really opened some eyes against Georgia. In what was the most impressive individual half of college football [by a defense] I have watched this entire year, Boykin really excelled. He broke up two or three passes, and made two huge tackles in run support. An underrated player, Boykin has excellent coverage skills, and is a good tackler. Lack of size is pretty much Boykin's only drawback. The Packers love guys who can cover and tackle, even with a lack of size. If Boykin is available in the fourth round, I'm sure TT would pull the trigger, but honestly, Woodson would have to move to safety if Boykin were to actually see playing time during the season. With Nick Collins future in jeopardy, look for the Packers to add to their secondary in the mid rounds of the 2012 draft.

So, Packers needs for 2012 go somewhat like this...

Big needs: OLB

Medium needs: DE, RB, possibly SS or FS

Minor Needs: CB, OL

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