My Analysis of what went wrong today.

We played like crap. Dur. We were uninspired, flat, undisciplined, and could'nt hold onto the ball. These are things we took advantage of in the past, and were victims of today.

But there were more.

1) McCarthy's inexplicable desire to go away from the run. I get it. We were down in the 4th quarter. In my opinion, Ryan Grant and Randall Cobb were the only guys out there that were ballin'; grant much more than Cobb. Grant was getting 4-5 yards most of the time he was allowed to touch the ball, yet MM decided that he was not going to go that route. He was going to put the ball in Rodger's hands and that was it. The result? 18 incompletions, 4 sacks, and about 85% pressures. Like I said, Grant was ballin'. Feed the man the damn rock. The turf was bad, and Grant is a mudder. He's the only guy on our team who can win ugly. 12 runs, 66 yards. With Rodgers struggling, Grant should have gotten the ball more than that.

2) I don't understand why we are playing 10+ yards off with our cornerbacks on the WR's on the edge. I'm sure there are some reasons to it, but last year, when we were killing people, we were playing tighter on the wr's closer on the line. This soft coverage is making our defense more easily exploited, resulting in the holes we are seeing far too often this year.

3) I remember reading an article earlier this year about how well we were holding onto the passes. The past month, we haven't really been disciplined enough in that aspect. Finley especially has been hit by the dropsies. Last week there were 1/2 dozen drops, today, Finley alone had 3 or 4.

4) Our continued inability to protect our passer and put sustained pressure on their quarterback needs to get fixed. What did we do right last year? Was Jenkins that vital to our performance? Our blitzes aren't reaching home, and it seems like the opposite OLB (walden) is doing nothing but running headlong into the LT, occupying a block. It also seems like we're far too vulnerable to the screen pass and over compensate on the end around giving up huge amounts of yardage.

If we want to win, and continue to win, this must change immediately. We still are a good team, the best, and hopefully we can use this as an example.

Stay Thirsty my friends

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