APC Pick 'Em Blitz Contest - Week 16

Wow - that last week was...bad. Obviously, most of us got blindsided by the Chiefs and the Colts, but the Panthers and Giants did the pool no favors, either. Ah, well - onward! At this point, no new entrants can make a run for the top - our leader (Tarynfor12) has more points at 48 than could be made up in the two weeks remaining. So any noob can feel free to jump in, just be aware that you're not gonna get a $25 gift card for the Packers Pro Shop. Well, not from me anyway - your grandma could still buy you one, I guess.


The Standings: And we can start mathematically eliminating people. vitaminx, airfigaro, msc32887, and Jabooty - you're all toast. Of course, you probably don't care because you haven't played since Week 12, anyway. Here's the way it breaks down:

Username	Wk12	Wk13	Wk14	Wk15	Total
Tarynfor12 12 12 14 10 48
uofmike 13 11 14 9 47
Chief Oshkosh 12 10 13 11 46
REV MARK 12 9 13 12 46
mike_o 13 11 13 8 45
Charlie Kelly 12 12 13 8 45
tmoneyttime1 12 12 12 9 45
P-Townfan 13 9 11 10 43
tcorzine 13 11 12 6 42
Clutch16 12 9 12 9 42
Wiedmann 12 9 12 9 42
Bezerkers 11 11 10 8 40
RaY210 11 9 12 8 40
packallday555 11 9 11 8 39
king.nothing 12 9 9 8 38
power296 11 8 12 0 31
AdamA 0 10 13 8 31
hawks61 0 0 10 10 20
vitaminx* 14 0 0 0 14
airfigaro* 13 0 0 0 13
msc32887* 13 0 0 0 13
Jabooty* 12 0 0 0 12

* Toast.

The Rules: This is a winner-take-all six week picking contest. It's very simple - every week, you pick the winners for each NFL game played that week. Once you've made your choices, post them in this thread and sit back, relax, and watch the games. Each game picked correctly nets you a point, and whoever has the most overall points at the end of Week 17 gets a $25 gift card from the Packers Pro Shop.

Administrivia: As usual, I ask that two users rec this post to keep it around the Recommended Fanposts section for the week. Thanks.

Clutch16's Picks of Peerless Prognostication:

Houston over Indianapolis: With the fall of the Steelers, the Texans are now jockeying for a possible first-round bye. Orlovsky caught the Titans sleeping last week, but I don't see that happening here.

Denver over Buffalo: Man, the Bills are bad. Who ever thought a Buffalo team would look better in September than in December? I think the Broncos are built better for cold weather than the Bills, so the fight for the AFC West crown will stay intriguing.

New England over Miami: Let's just say that a one-score win against the Bills (who are bad - I really don't think I can emphasize that enough) doesn't impress me when your next game is in Foxborough.

Baltimore over Cleveland: Ravens are pissed and playing at home? If Colt McCoy weren't already sitting this one out, I'd suggest benching him for his own safety.

Kansas City over Oakland: As we saw with the Giants, there's a palpable "Packers bounce" - New York came close and then proceeded to come all the way back against a division rival. I'm saying the Chiefs jump all over the struggling Raiders.

Washington over Minnesota: They stopped the Jacobs/Bradshaw tandem pretty effectively, and harassed Manning well, too. Peterson-Ponder? Yeah - 'skins in this one.

Arizona over Cincinnati: I've been predicting the Bengals' downfall for a couple of weeks now, but they've stubbornly stuck around. On the other hand, it doesn't appear that anyone can beat the Cards all of a sudden, and they are shockingly still in playoff contention. I'm going to ride the hot hand here.

Pittsburgh over St. Louis: If Tomlin doesn't sit Roethlisberger for this one, he's a fool. Even Charlie Batch can beat the Rams at home.

Carolina over Tampa Bay: Going into New Orleans in Week 17, this is the Panthers' last realistic shot at a win this year, and I think they get it over a reeling Bucs squad.

New York Jets over New York Giants: They play better in MetLife.

Tennessee over Jacksonville: The Jags would love to knock the Titans out of the playoff race, but I don't see them having enough weapons left to do it.

San Diego over Detroit: It's December, or as it's known in Southern California: Riversember.

Philadelphia over Dallas: It's December, or as it's known in Texas: Who's Our Backup QB Again? Anyone But Romo? Put Him In!

San Francisco over Seattle: Yeah, it's time to put the Hawks out of their misery.

Green Bay over Chicago: I think I heard that the Bears would be starting Kerry Wood under center, but don't quote me on that.

New Orleans over Atlanta: And the last MNF game of the year is finally a good one. These two teams always play each other tight, and I'm barely leaning Saints here.

All right - pick away!

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