An Open Letter to Packer Fans

Really, guys?

I mean, really?

This week wasn't the greatest. Most of us had this game crossed off. Easy win against KC, new head coach, what could go wrong?

Well, nearly everything went wrong.

However, I'm not going to reiterate those topics again. There have been approximately 200000 posts on the web discussing why Aaron Rodgers is in a slump, why the defense sucks, and how teams have found the formula for beating the Packers. Right.

I'm here to discuss why we Packer fans are the luckiest team in the league right now.

Start with Rodgers. We've been blessed with the best quarterback in the league. [Insert comments, facts, statistics praising Aaron Rodgers.]

We have playmakers all over the field. Anyone blasting the defense needs to take a look at how Charles Woodson played on Sunday. Dude had 12 tackles, and was all over the field. Beast. And not to mention, he's currently having the second best season of his career, right behind 2009. Remember the Super Bowl? The retirement talks? No, Woodson has one-upped everyone, and outplayed what people expected of him. Isn't he supposed to be 'regressing'? Anyone out there thankful that Woodson isn't sitting at home watching the game, or on the sidelines, injured like he was in the Super Bowl?

We have a Super Bowl winning staff. How many coaches did we lose? One? We are blessed to have a staff that is not easily satisfied, and a staff that has not let our players become complacent. McCarthy is one of the best in the league, and Dom Capers is actually pretty smart, I mean, he did win the Super Bowl last year. Ted Thompson keeps the talent flowing, and there isn't a staff in the league that I would rather have than the one we currently do. How many teams can say that? The Saints? The Patriots? Very few.

We have a 13-1 record. How many teams in the NFL can say that? How many teams have played as close to perfection as the Packers have this year? None, and the 13-1 record reflects that. So instead of complaining about losing an opportunity at a perfect season, instead, relax, sit back, and enjoy the rest of the regular season, because the playoffs are just around the corner.

We have a first round bye. No other team in the NFL is as comfortable as the Packers are right now. Case in point: Ben Rothelisburger. Playing on a sprained ankle on Monday night might have cost his team in the playoffs.

Point is, as the holidays roll around, there's a lot to be thankful for. Instead of focusing on one game, and freaking out about losing, instead, go over to Arrowhead Pride and congratulate the Chiefs fans, as that win probably was as satisfying as anything could have been for a 5-8 team in December. Or focus on next week, and beating the Bears on Christmas. Or on the Lions. Or on the playoffs.

There's absolutely no reason to panic.

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