Aaron Rodgers Deserves the MVP: Don't Be Fooled!

Well, if you've been bored as hell due to the holiday season [like me], you've probably been watching a lot of TV. And that's not the worst idea during Christmas season, as there's usually good TV specials on due to the holidays. But the moment I turned the channel to NFL Network [DISH NETWORK FTW, SCREW CABLE], there was an interesting subject; Should Brady or Brees win the MVP over Rodgers?

I went over to the respective SBN sites for the Patriots and Saints. Neither site seemed to tout the idea that either player was better than Rodgers, but quite a few people on each site thought that their quarterback deserved the award, and that Rodgers being the favorite was simply a result of 'hype' and being 'undefeated'.

In reality, Brady isn't better than Rodgers this year. We can look at every stat in the book: Passer rating? Behind. Interceptions? Behind. YPA? Behind. Interceptions? Behind. Completion percentage? Behind. Yeah, Brady's a hell of a quarterback, and 28 teams would take him in a heartbeat, but not today. The only stat he beats Rodgers in is yardage, which I'll cover in the Brees argument.

Brees, however, is a little different. Poised to break Marino's yardage record [as Brady is as well], I saw a few people argue that Brees deserves MVP Rodgers.

Yeah, no. While a compelling argument can be made, lets take a quick look at some stats.

Rodgers has 6 interceptions. Brees has 11. Three of Rodgers interceptions came off his receivers fingers. Brees has 11, while 5 were while his starting OT was injured.

Rodgers has 600 less passing yards, yet Rodgers has taken 79 less snaps than Brees. That's two full games worth of snaps. No wonder he has less passing yards!

Rodgers has been playing with a makeshift OT [Newhouse] and injuries all over his OL. In fact, the only reason he's suffered a statistical drop the last couple games, was because he lost three starting OLineman, James Starks, and Greg Jennings.

Rodgers is behind Brees in completion percentage [68.2% to Brees 75.1%]. However, ProFootballFocus has a stat where they keep track of every drop, throwaway, and spike by the QB, and they throw it out. This is called the 'Adjusted Completion Percentage'. Rodgers adjusted completion percentage? A whopping 79.9%. He's had 40 drops, 17 throwaways, and 2 spikes, in 549 dropbacks. Brees adjusted completion percentage? A slightly less whopping yet still extremely impressive 78.1%, with 30 drops, 8 throwaways, and 3 spikes, in 618 dropbacks.

Rodgers is averaging 9.22 yards per pass, a full one yard more than Brees, who is averaging 8.2 yards per pass.

Rodgers is chasing the passer rating record for a season [121.8 compared to his 120.1]. Brees passer rating is unbelievable as well [109.1], but again, it's nowhere near Rodgers.

Rodgers has 40 touchdown passes. Brees has 37.

There's two weeks left, and much could change. If the Seahawks beat the 49ers, Rodgers is likely only going to play two more halves of football this regular season; That, more than anything, could throw the statistics off.

But to any blind fool, it would appear that Brees is having a better season than Rodgers: He's not. The two key selling points, pass yardage and completion percentage, are both offset by drops [see: adjusted completion percentage stats above] and lack of passing snaps for Rodgers [79 less passing plays than Brees; Two full games worth of snaps.]

Rodgers is hands down the MVP of the NFL through week 14. Brees, in any other year, would probably be the MVP, but Rodgers is having a season for the ages: Don't let the last two weeks fool you.

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