Packers Defeat The Bears: Top 5 Defensive Plays of the Game

GREEN BAY, WI - DECEMBER 25: Clay Matthews #52 of the Green Bay Packers recovers an interception against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field on December 25, 2011 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

This wasn't the best game for the Green Bay Packers defense. However, for all of the yards surrendered in the first half, the Bears were held to only 3 points. The fact that it happened against recently signed QB Josh McCown is a bad sign. But the defense did force two fumbles, grabbed two interceptions, and allowed 11 of 21 points after the Packers went up 35-10. The points still count, but the sense of urgency isn't the same.

From the play-by-play at

First Quarter

(5:34) 15-J.McCown pass incomplete deep middle to 80-E.Bennett.

This second down play from the Packers 33 yard line was more of weak decision by McCown to throw deep into double coverage. But Charles Woodson made a play to break up the pass. It forced the Bears into a 3rd and long (which then became 3rd and longer after two penalties) and eventually a missed field goal.

Second Quarter

(12:08) 15-J.McCown pass short right to 32-K.Bell to CHI 37 for -3 yards (52-C.Matthews). FUMBLES (52-C.Matthews), recovered by CHI-15-J.McCown at CHI 37. 15-J.McCown to CHI 37 for no gain (95-H.Green).

It was a great forced fumble by Clay Matthews, even if the fumble bounce luck gave McCown the best path to recover the ball.

(8:52) 25-A.Allen left end pushed ob at GB 22 for 5 yards (21-C.Woodson).

Woodson hurdled the fullback trying to block him low, and he shoved the running back out of bounds. There was no one behind to make the tackle if Woodson doesn't make the play and Allen might have run it in for a touchdown. Also, it set the stage for the next play.

(8:22) 15-J.McCown pass short right intended for 44-T.Clutts INTERCEPTED by 52-C.Matthews at GB 24. 52-C.Matthews to GB 26 for 2 yards (32-K.Bell).

If first you don't succeed. The Packers couldn't recover the fumble forced by Matthews, so he took it upon himself to grab the INT. Bell messed up the block, but credit goes to Matthews for reading and reacting to the pass.

Third Quarter

(1:06) (Shotgun) 15-J.McCown pass deep middle intended for 80-E.Bennett INTERCEPTED by 26-C.Peprah at GB 46. 26-C.Peprah to CHI 33 for 21 yards (32-K.Bell).

While Peprah is credited with the INT, he was in the right place to catch the ball after it was tipped by Woodson.

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