APC Pick 'Em Blitz Contest - Week 17

And here we are at the end of the mini-contest. One last week's worth of picking and we'll wrap it up.

PLEASE NOTE: There are plenty of people who can still win this sucker and the opportunity for a tie at the top definitely exists. There will be tiebreaker questions this week - please include answers for those in your entry.

The Standings: A few more folks have fallen out of contention - short picking week plus holidays will make that happen. Better luck next year. Here's the breakdown:
Username	Wk12	Wk13	Wk14	Wk15	Wk16	Total
Tarynfor12 12 12 14 10 12 60
uofmike 13 11 14 9 11 58
Chief Oshkosh 12 10 13 11 12 58
mike_o 13 11 13 8 11 56
REV MARK 12 9 13 12 9 55
Charlie Kelly 12 12 13 8 10 55
tmoneyttime1 12 12 12 9 10 55
P-Townfan 13 9 11 10 11 54
Wiedmann 12 9 12 9 12 54
tcorzine 13 11 12 6 10 52
RaY210 11 9 12 8 12 52
Clutch16 12 9 12 9 9 51
Bezerkers 11 11 10 8 10 50
king.nothing 12 9 9 8 10 48
AdamA* 0 10 13 8 11 42
packallday555* 11 9 11 8 0 39
power296* 11 8 12 0 0 31
hawks61* 0 0 10 10 10 30
vitaminx* 14 0 0 0 0 14
airfigaro* 13 0 0 0 0 13
msc32887* 13 0 0 0 0 13
Jabooty* 12 0 0 0 0 12


The Rules: This is a winner-take-all six week picking contest. It's very simple - every week, you pick the winners for each NFL game played that week. Once you've made your choices, post them in this thread and sit back, relax, and watch the games. Each game picked correctly nets you a point, and whoever has the most overall points at the end of Week 17 gets a $25 gift card from the Packers Pro Shop. As noted above, since there is a chance for a tie, tiebreaker picks will be included in this week's entry - each of these will count toward to breaking a tie at the top only.

Administrivia: As usual, I ask that two users rec this post to keep it around the Recommended Fanposts section for the week. Thanks.

Clutch16's Picks of Obvious Desperation:

Well, I've been stinking up the joint, and I'll place the blame squarely on picking these things first thing Tuesday mornings. I like to get a little more research in before picking, and I've made some obvious (in hindsight) blunders. If I do this next year, I'll see about making it more Cheesestradamus-like with a form on the Web which will allow me to make my picks later in the week and also help prevent transcription errors and missed picks. Anyway:

Green Bay over Detroit: This game is meaningless for the Packers and MM has made some noises about resting people, but that Thanksgiving game was a little chippy, and I see the Pack wanting to give the Lions a little going-away present by forcing them to play the Saints or Niners next week.

San Francisco over St. Louis: The Rams win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Not through anything intentional, but simply because they're pretty bad.

Miami over New York Jets: The 'Phins gave the Pats a run for their money, and the Jets were simply awful against a terrible effort from the Giants. I see Miami ending the Jets' slim playoff hopes right here.

Vikings over Bears: This is how it ends: not with a bang but a whimper. Injuries have destroyed both of these team's offenses, so don't expect a lot of points. Minnesota's still playing for a stadium deal, so they'll have a bit more edge.

New England over Buffalo: The Patriots are still trying to wrap up home field, and the Bills are really bad.

New Orleans over Carolina: The Saints are at home and playing for a first-round bye. I like their chances.

Philadelphia over Washington: I wonder who will get booed more: Andy Reid or the Sex Cannon.

Jacksonville over Indianapolis: The Jags are somewhat more fierce at home.

Houston over Tennessee: I truly have no handle on either of these teams this year. I'm picking the home team out of bewilderment.

Atlanta over Tampa Bay: Yeah, the Falcons are stinging over that Saints game. They'll get tuned up for the playoffs by stomping the Bucs.

Baltimore over Cincinnati: I'm thinking this will be the best game of the week, but the Ravens are simply the better team.

Cleveland over Pittsburgh: While it is indisputably a factory of sadness, home field will send the Browns into the off-season with a W.

Denver over Kansas City: Kyle Orton gets Tebow'd. Again.

Oakland over San Diego: The final nail in Norv Turner's coffin is about to be driven.

Arizona over Seattle: Cards are tough at home, Hawks are weak on the road.

New York Giants over Dallas: Truthfully, I'll be rooting to be wrong on this one - I do not want to see the Giants in the playoffs - but my head is saying that Romo's gimpy wrist is going to cost them some turnovers.

Tiebreaker Questions: Here are some random predictions to be made for tie-breaking purposes. Each correct answer earns you a tie-breaker point, and will only be used in the case of a tie at the top of the standings:

Tennessee at Houston Over/Under 40.5: I'll take the Over.

Baltimore at Cincinnati Over/Under 38.5: I'm going Under.

New York Jets at Miami Over/Under 41.5: Under

Buffalo at New England Over/Under 51.5: Under

Kansas City at Denver Over/Under 36.5: Over

More passing yards this week: Tom Brady or Drew Brees: I'll take Brady.

And there you have it - go nuts.

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