Matt Flynn Top 5 GIF's [And A Championship Belt]

Yo dudes, APC, lurkers, I've got a treat for you. Most of you have heard about Matt Flynn getting a majority of playing time tomorrow against the Lions. As much as I dislike the Lions, there's no question that they have one of the more talented secondaries in the league. Anyways, hopefully this is the last time we see Flynn start this season. I love the guy, and he seems like a great dude, and friend to Aaron Rodgers. My best wishes go out to him next year. Good luck against the Lions, buddy, we're all cheering you on!...

So anyways, with that, I'd like to present to you my newly made Matt Flynn GIF's, after the jump.

[Note: GIF's can slow down your computer a bit.]


Pure. Frickin. Awesomeness. Although, it should be pointed out, whenever a player does the belt whose name is not 'Aaron Rodgers', their team ends up losing the game. Jimmy Graham, John Abraham, Stephen Tulloch, and yes, even Matt Flynn.... Be careful. Still awesome, regardless.


#5: Matt Flynn threads the needle. One of his stellar passes on the night, he fits it in an extremely tight window. As I like to say, that's an Aaron Rodgers throw.


#4: Hell yeah, slant pattern bro. Rodgers taught you that, bro, so thank him, bro.


#3: Wow: Flynn puts the ball on a friggin' rope, perfect placement over the safety/corner. Heck of a throw.


#2: Flynn drives down the field, makes a couple beautiful throws, and slams it in the endzone himself. Great awareness by Flynn. Stepping up in the pocket, just like Rodgers.


#1: Some might question this choice. Some might ask, arodgb, why would you put this random throw, that 31/32 guys in the NFL could make, as the #1 choice? Well, if anyone remembers the final drive against the Patriots, it was a thing of beauty, until the last minute. From there, inexperience, terrible clock management, and the Patriots sack-masters going absolute beast-mode killed our chances of winning. This is #1, because Flynn made some outstanding plays on that drive, and this speaks for all of them. Hopefully, he can seal the deal on Sunday against the Lions.

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