An Airing of Grievouses Festivus Style

It's official, I miss the Packers being the underdog. I really do.

The last two seasons most of the sane guys for the various talking head media outlets have been on the Packers' bandwagon, or at least the guys who are paid to talk football and not stir trouble (looking at you Bayless and Cowherd). At first this was cool, after all it's always nice to professionals say good things about your team. Hell, it's even been fun to watch Viking and Bear fans get enraged over how much love the Packers get.

But now I've had enough. What was once a good and novel thing has twisted the way I enjoy the Packer season and worse it's made countless annoying occasions for fans of opposing teams. As xenophobic as this may sound, I think I'm just ready for the national media to go away and leave me with just the normal Packer media going forward. So in the spirit of the holidays, and the all encompassing holiday for all of us, Festivous, I'm going to air my grieviouses against ESPN, NFL Network, and the other talking of heads. Later we can gather around the Festivous Pole for the Feats of Strength.

Grievous 1: You have taken the joy out of victory.

Last year it was fun to watch all of you predict a Packer Super Bowl run before the season began. I especially like the whining coming out of MN of fans who boasted of beating us twice last year and how they were one win away from the Super Bowl. It was great at the time, but it ruined Super Bowl week for me. The expectations that your nearly universal boasting in my favorite team caused me to expect a win and be more nervous leading up to the game rather than excitement that I was only going to see my third Packer Super Bowl.

This year it's even worse. Since the Packers are doing so well and you praise them so much the joy out of any one victory is not present. The real pressure is as all of you cheer for the Packers to go undefeated. It feels as though a Packer loss would be a great disappointment, but a victory is simply expected. Right now just enjoying the ride is tough with our fan expectation extremely high and you are not helping talking head people on sports networks.

Grievous 2: You have inflated the abilities of this team to mythic proportions and the season isn't even done yet.

If I have to hear another whiny fan talk about the "almighty Packers," "moral victories," or "trap games" I may have to start hurting people. Ye gods have you ever seen such nonsense week to week? No Viking fans you didn't score a moral victory when Ponder almost made a comeback at the dome. No Buc fans, playing the Packers tough at home isn't a victory of any kind either. You know how I know that? Because your teams have played like ass sense so shutty.

And who is responsible for this? You talking heads. You give teams credit for keeping it close to the Packers. Hell, you are doing it right now with the Giants. I respect Giant fans and that is a fluky enough team that this may turn it around for them, but let's cut the crap for a moment. In the NFL there is winning and losing. The Packers have won and everyone has lost. So media give credit where credit is due and move on, especially when talking about a team that has lost four straight or two others with losing records.

Grievous 3: You have glorified the Packers so much that you are at the point of ignoring them now.

I really have no idea where opinion pieces about the Packers somehow became about 49ers and Saints but it really needs to stop talking heads. It seems your eternal quest for a story has led you to talk so much about who might beat the Packers or unseat them from their throne. As a result you just clamp on to any team that has over seven wins a few flashy stats and go on and on about how they could over take the Packers. I think the worse that I've seen was on NFL Network (congrats to you ESPN for not being the worst which is something you normally specialize in). At the beginning of the season NFL Network was previewing every team and giving analysis. This was being done in draft order so I had to patiently wait till the end for the Packers. When it was the Packers turn the idiots at that table thing NFL Network had talked about the Bears for three minutes and all the pieces they had for beating the Packers. Finally the moderator rephrased the question focusing the piece "Could the Bears over take the Packers?" to which both talking heads shrugs their shoulders and said no, end of clip. I was angry for both Packer and Bear fans. Sad thing is that both networks and other sports writers have had the same method and now I turn to you sports media and say SHAME.

Happy Festivuous fellow Packer fans.

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