APC Pick 'Em Blitz Contest - Week 14

One-third of the way through, and it's a tight race. Six users are tied for the top spot with 24 correct picks out of 32 thus far. Standings and my completely awesome picks are after the jump.

Username	Wk12	Wk13	Total
mike_o 13 11 24
tcorzine 13 11 24
uofmike 13 11 24
Tarynfor12 12 12 24
Charlie Kelly 12 12 24
tmoneyttime1 12 12 24
P-Townfan 13 9 22
Chief Oshkosh 12 10 22
Bezerkers 11 11 22
Clutch16 12 9 21
REV MARK 12 9 21
king.nothing 12 9 21
Wiedmann 12 9 21
RaY210 11 9 20
packallday555 11 9 20
power296 11 8 19
vitaminx 14 0 14
airfigaro 13 0 13
msc32887 13 0 13
Jabooty 12 0 12
AdamA 0 10 10

Administrivia: Cool - got the two recs needed to keep this guy around for the week. If you were one of the folks who rec'd it, please unrec it after Monday night's game so it doesn't pollute the Top Fanposts too long. Thanks.

Rules: Pick winners for Week 13 in this thread. Do it before 7PM Central on Thursday. Each correct pick earns you a point. Most points at the end of Week 17 wins. Winner get a $25 Gift Card for the Packers Pro Shop, redeemable in person or online. Simple, right?

Clutch16's Picks of Extreme Awesome:

STEELERS over Browns: Buy a house for the price of a VCR!

Patriots over REDSKINS: That near-collapse at the end of last week's game vs. Indy gives me some doubts about this pick, but the Pats still have yet to clinch their division, so I'm looking for a bit of fight out of them.

JETS over Chiefs: The Jets still have their somewhat-functioning offense starting games.

Texans over BENGALS: Smoke clears and mirrors shatter here. The Texans take their opportunity to wrap up a playoff spot this week.

RAVENS over Colts: I'll pick Indy at some point this year, but not until they've locked up Luck.

PANTHERS over Falcons: If the Falcons couldn't do anything against TJ Yates, they truly are the awful road team everyone accuses them of being.

Buccaneers over JAGUARS: Josh Freeman should be back, and that should be enough to overcome an injury-plagued Jags team.

Saints over TITANS: Tennessee has been a mystery to me all season, but Sean Payton and Drew Brees combined are slightly smarter than me (probably), so I trust them to figure it out.

DOLPHINS over Eagles: The 'phins are surging right now and playing at home. I know it's stretching the bounds of credibility, but I'm looking for the Eagles to play even worse than they have been.

LIONS over Vikings: Any defense that gives up 200 yards and 28 points to Tim Tebow at home is not worth considering versus Megatron.

49ers over CARDINALS: Gotta keep up the pressure. Funny how the Alex Smith Story has given way to the Jim Harbaugh Story though, isn't it?

BRONCOS over Bears: Until either Jay Cutler or Matt Forte come back, there's no use picking Chicago to win versus Duke, much less the Unstoppable Tebow.

PACKERS over Raiders: This one won't be as close as people think. The Giants gave GB a scare, and I'm betting practice won't be a lot of fun this week.

CHARGERS over Bills: San Diego is a tough place to play, and the Bills are on the ropes. Look for a healthier Chargers team to knock 'em out of the chase.

Giants over COWBOYS: The Legend of the Late Season Cowboys Collapse continues apace, and the Giants picked up some confidence by playing GB close. I'm saying there's a tie atop the NFC East standings after Sunday night.

SEAHAWKS over Rams: Over/under on APC MNF Open Thread comments is now set at 73.5

You should tell me what you think, don't you think?

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