Who is the most controversial Packer in history?

Typically we like to think of the Packers as a classy organization that only employs paragons of virtue.  Really though we know this just isn't true.  In fact there have been quite a few colorful...or down right questionable....characters to pass through the organization.

Now currently this is coming to light with Johnny Jolly trying to get back into the game after a year's suspension.  Jolly isn't the first Packer to cause trouble, and he won't be the last.  My question to you fine Packer fans is...who do you think is the most controversial?  Or...who is our biggest scoundrel?

I'll give the run down of a few of our usual suspects after the jump.

Suspect #1 Earl "Curly" Lambeau

Sure he founded the team, was the first coach, and led them to their first championship...but that's not the whole story.  The guy was married three times (divorced twice in an age where people never really divorced once) and fell out of favor with the team after spending big money on the Rockwood Lodge Resort.  This is considered the first self contained facility for professional football, but it was also big luxury at a time when the Packers probably couldn't afford it.  After it burnt down Lambeau left the Packers to go coach the Chicago Cardinals.

Suspect #2 Paul Hornung

This was a guy ahead of his day for the superstar athlete.  "The Golden Boy" was the last triple threat player scorer in the NFL as a passer, runner, and kicker.  A true diva he famously clashed a bit with Lombardi and was routinely out late drinking and picking up women around town with running buddy Max McGee.  He was also suspended a year for violating the league's policy on gambling.  

Suspect #3 James Lofton

Lofton was one of the few bright spots during what we Packer fans call "the Dark Ages."  Everyone else just calls this period the 70's and 80's (although if you look at fashions I think the Packer fans are on to something with their perception of this period as a backward time that should be forgotten).  Lofton is one of two Packers to be inducted to the HOF from the "modern era" but his legacy in Green Bay is a bit strained to this day.  Lofton left town after a accusations of sexual assault in 84 & 86.  He was found to be not guilty, but some of the wounds caused by this PR nightmare have still not healed to this day.  

Suspect #4 Forrest Gregg (the Head Coach version)

This is a period of years that we Packers fans would love to forget....if only because it was the time when we clearly lost the moral high ground to Bears fans. Gregg's Packers were not only bad football players, but at some points they were little more than semi-organized hooligans.  Seriously, we lost the moral high ground to Bear fans people!

Suspect # 5 Mark Chumra

Chumra was the big man in town as the pretty boy tight end.  He was running buddies with Brett Favre.  He was the smiling family man who was the paragon of value.  Hell, he was a model for clothes in Shopko ads.  Then he was caught with his pants around his ankles at a high school post prom party.  Enough said.

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