Looking ahead to the draft, free agency, and ultimately, next year's Green Bay Packers

In looking at our roster, I'm not seeing any glaring holes in it, but overall, there are some moves we can make.  Looking at the roster, this is what I think we should do to give our beloved Packers the best chance to repeat. 

QB, we are solid here, so why not trade Matt Flynn for a 3rd or 4th round draft pick?  I think Tennessee would jump at him with a 3rd or 4th rounder, I'd make that trade.  They've got the 8th spot. 

Our MLB's Hawk and Barnett need to give up some money.  One is injury-prone and the other is just making way too much money to justify.  Ask them both to renegotiate so they can play with winners.  If they don't, trade one of them away for a 3rd of 4th round pick.  The New York Jets would love to get one of them with the 30th pick in either the 2nd or 3rd round. Personally I'd like to keep AJ Hawk, since he's been more reliable for us.  Barnett has lost significant time the last two seasons. 

If Cullen Jenkins doesn't resign with the Packers, it would deal a heavy blow to our D-Line. I would make signing him a big priority. 

I would go after CB Nnamdi Asomugha heavily.  He'd love to play with Green Bay, and has friends in the locker room.  Dom Capers likes to play with 5 DBs a lot, which wouldn't cramp Sam Shield's progression, or Tramon Williams' playing time.  I also see us leading many of our games, which will make having 4 solid cover guys a great asset to our team in the last 5 minutes of the game.  Charles Woodson could then progress to becoming a safety next to Nick Collins and bceome the best safety in the league; a Troy Polamalu with covering skills. 

Now, onto our draft needs, I'm including the picks from the two forementioned trades, a second round 30th pick for Nick Barnett/AJ Hawk, and a 4th round 8th pick from Matt Flynn.

High Need:

Offensive Tackle - with two aging Ts, someone needs to grow into the position opposite of Bulaga. 

Cornerback - If we can't lure Asomugha to our side, another young back to replace Bush and Lee in the Nickel would be welcome.  Also getting one now while they can learn from Woodson and Williams would be a trmendous asset. 

Outside Linebacker - Not that the the likes of Jones, Walden, and Zombo aren't bad players - I hope to see them all return, but another dominating presence would be a very nice addition.

Defensive End - There are some questions here.  If Jenkins doesn't resign, this jumps up to the #1 need and takes precedence over everything else.  But Johnny Jolly may not get reinstated, and we can always use more big guys to dominate the line.

Offensive Guards - We can always use a good lineman to either backup or replace someone in case of an injury.

Middle Linebacker - Since we're trading Hawk or Barnett, someone is going to need to fill the gaps.  I can't see Poppinga on our roster anymore - he's just making too much and isn't a very good player.  Chillar would be the second string, draft a rookie to learn from the veterans. 

Needs of little importance:

Halfback - Unless Ingram from Alabama falls to us in the 1st round.  Otherwise there isn't a point to draft anyone.  I would also resign Brandon Jackson, since he is a fantastic 3rd down back, and we can probably get him resigned  quite cheap. 

Defensive Tackle - With Raji and Green on our payroll and a 3-4 scheme doesn't often allow for more than 1 interior defensive linemen playing, we don't need anyone really. 

Safety - Unless someone special is forgotten about in the draft, I wouldn't bother.  We've got enough talent from Burnett, Bigby, Peprah, and Collins to get along with.  Also, if Asomugha comes to us, we are freed up to trade one of them with a draft pick to trade up and get someone we like.  Asomugha lets Woodson play nearly exclusively on the slot man or as a 3rd safety, jumping around and making plays all the lil' day long. 

Center - We've got two decend centers and a long snapper as our third guy, I can't see us burning a draft pick on anyone unless it's a 1st round talent in the 3rd round. 

Wide Reciever - Every team has need for playmakers, but if we're able to resign James Jones to our team, we've got the same core that ledus to the Championship.  We're bringing along two guys from the practice squad who know our playbook and show potential.  Unless we can get someone for great value, I can't see us drafting anyone here.

Quarterback - We all know that Aaron Rodgers is aging and isn't going to play as well as he once did.  He's soon approaching retirement and can't avoid pressure in the passrush....  Oh wait, #4 isn't with us anymore and our guy is fantastic.  If Flynn is traded, we should use a ^th or 7th round pick on getting Rodgers a backup. 

Positions at which we have to need or are overflowing with people

Fullbacks - really?  do we really need 3 guys?  Keep Kuhn and Johnson, unfortunately we'll have ot let Hall go.  Kuhn is a Swiss Army Knife and Johnson is a bruiser. 

Tight Ends - With Finley coming back, we're left with 4.  Lee is the odd man out and that's all right by me.  I hope he can find a team where he can play significant time.  The Giants are in need of someone with his sills, as are the Bills, Dolphins, Saints, Titans, and seveal others. 

Special Teams - Masthay played like our secret weapon in the last 5-6 games of the year.  Bush is a great gunner, and Crosby didn't really miss any crucial kicks.  Perhaps if Crosby's payroll is too high, but I'd like to keep a decent kicker. 

1st Round, 32 - Mark Ingram if he falls, otherwise Offensive Lineman / Cornerback / Defensive End

2nd Round, 30 - (Trade F. Jets), and our 32nd pick- Offensive Lineman / Cornerback / Outside Linebacker / Defensive End

3rd round, 32 - Offensive Lineman / Cornerback / Outside Linebacker / Defensive End / Middle Linebacker

4th Round, 8 - (Trade F Titans), and our 32nd pick- Defensive End / Outside Linebacker / Middle Linebacker / Wide Reciever / Defensive Tackle

5th Round, 32 - Outside Linebacker / Middle Linebacker / Wide Reciever / Quarterback / Defensive Tackle

6th, 7th  Round, 32 - Best Available player


Ultimately, Our Starting lineup on Offense wouldn't change much, with Rodgers and Co. leading the way with another impessive offensive display.  On defense however, we could see upgrades in several locations with the addition of Asomugha. 


If we're able to make these moves, we can go very far into the playoffs for many years to come. 




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