Tough Choices for Packers & their fans

What a wonderful season we all go to witness this season.  We were given the type of things that you beg for with every movie, sporting event, school play or drunken night at the bar.  We got the highs of the preseason chatter by media considering the Packers a "sexy" Super Bowl pick, then we hit the moment of adversity when we lost Ryan Grant nearly before the season began.  We hit the .500 mediocrity which left us questioning the direction of the team and wondering if it just wasn't our year.

Finally came what is arguably one of the greatest runs to the Super Bowl.  Victory was ours!

But now the Packers & us fans are left with some VERY SERIOUS questions to discuss this off season, so lets get right to it:

This is obviously all in fun as it our time to have fun with the Packers Super Bowl victory.  It is our time to just relax, have some fun, and enjoy reflecting on the 2010/2011 season.


#1 - How long do you keep Super Bowl XLV on your TiVo/DVR?

My Answer:  It will be on my DVR until the chilly stench of death takes over my body and rips the remote from my COLD DEAD HANDS!

#2 - Should Chico, CA change their welcome signs to reflect "Home of Aaron Rodgers"?

My Answer:  I currently live in Sacramento, CA (45min south of Chico) but lived in Chico area for most of my life and I say HELL YES.  Chico has a lot of fun things to be excited about and this adds to it.  There is a new sheriff in Chico & it is Mr. Rodgers.

#3 - Should we invite Chris Gates over for some cheese and wine?

My Answer:  Yes, while he is widely disliked among APC fans I do find that while he is sometimes a bit brash I like to think that most of it is just a heated passion.  Everyone handles the rivalry different and Chris chooses to boot cheeseheads from be it.  All love in SB Nation.

#4 - Should we send the Bears defense a box of chocolates & roses for Valentines Day?

My Answer:  I think it would be nice.  In my opinion, the Chicago Bears defense was the toughest D we ran into all season.  While they do and should know the Packers better than just about any other top D we ran into, it still is amazing how average they made our offense look for the most part.  My hat goes off to them and they should not be disappointed at all by how this season went.  No one gave them a shot at making the postseason let alone all the way to the NFC Title game.

#5 - Should the Super Bowl MVP Award be melted down and forged into an NFL Champions Belt?

My Answer:  Ummmmm...HELL YES.  I know he got a belt from the team after the game but how cool would it be to rip a page from Boxing/UFC/WWE and have a belt for winners of Super Bowl MVP...very cool in my opinion.

#6 - What will we do with our time during the NFL off season?

My Answer:  Watch the Super Bowl XLV on DVR about 10,000,000,000 times, brush up on my NBA stats & teams, prepare my next annual Packers trip.  Being in CA I plan a trip to see the Packers somewhere different each year.  This season I took my 49ers fan buddy and we went to the Packers/49ers game in December.  His first trip to Lambeau and my second (first was 2007 NFC Title game vs. Giants...gulp).  I will also be tuning into APC every possible moment in order to continue sharing and enjoying the Green Bay Packers with my APC brethren.


Now time for your answers and thoughts.  Most importantly, enjoy this Super Bowl Packer fans!

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